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Fabricated City (조작된 도시) (2017) – Review

20 April 2017


  Ji Chang-wook finds himself entangled in a web of high-stakes intrigue in this techno-thriller. Ji plays Kwon Yoo, a former taekwondo champion who is now jobless and spends his days gaming at the internet café. He’s the leader of a team

Gifted (2017) – Review

20 April 2017


  Being a genius must be awesome. If we’ve learnt anything from watching TV, it means you can solve crimes with a single glance, shaming the stubborn cops who ever doubted you in the first place. But those same TV shows have also taught us

Going in Style (2017) – Review

20 April 2017


  Here in Singapore, senior citizens have been urged to use their SkillsFuture credits to take courses in I.T., languages, cooking and crafts. There is yet to be a SkillsFuture course on bank robbery. In this comedy, lifelong friends Willi

Shock Wave (拆彈專家) (2017) – Review

20 April 2017


  The original Chinese title of this action thriller translates to ‘Bomb Dismantling Expert’. Not quite as exciting as ‘Shock Wave’, but it is an accurate description of our protagonist, Cheung Choi-san (Lau). Cheung heads up the Expl

The Lost City of Z (2017) – Review

20 April 2017


  The Lost City of Z might be executive produced by Brad Pitt through his Plan B production house, but it has nothing to do with zombies. Instead, this historical drama tells the story of Col. Percy Fawcett (Hunnam), a British soldier-turned

Fast and Furious 8 (2017) – Review

13 April 2017


  The driving force behind the Fast and Furious franchise – besides international box office – is ‘family’. Groan-inducing though it may be, many moviegoers have warmed to the crew led by Dominic “Dom” Toretto (Diesel), and audien

Mean Dreams (2017) – Review

13 April 2017


  This is a movie about a boy, a girl, a dog and a duffel bag full of money. It sounds like it could be a comedic romp, but it really isn’t. The boy in question is Jonas Ford (Wiggins), a farmer’s son who quickly falls for his new neighbo

Pop Aye (2017) – Review

13 April 2017


  Some men buy sports cars when they hit a mid-life crisis. In this comedy-drama, Thana (Warakulnukroh) buys an elephant. Thana is an architect whose magnum opus, the mixed-use complex Gardenia Square, is about to be demolished. He is made to

The Void (2017) – Review

13 April 2017


  Unspeakable terrors lie beyond this plane of existence in this horror flick. Police officer Daniel Carter (Poole) discovers a bloodied man named James (Evan Stern) crawling down a deserted road, and rushes the man to the nearest hospital. A

Carrie Pilby (2017) – Review

6 April 2017


  High-functioning geniuses are all over TV, typically solving crimes while earning equal measures exasperation and adoration from someone named Watson. In this coming-of-age comedy-drama, the titular character does no crime-solving, but does

Extraordinary Mission (非凡任务) (2017) – Review

6 April 2017


  In this action thriller, undercover cop Lin Kai’s (Huang) mission, should he choose to accept it, is to infiltrate a drug cartel. He accepts. Lin Kai works his way up the ladder, making supply runs for the syndicate in China. He reports h

The Shack (2017) – Review

6 April 2017


  Sam Worthington has encountered aliens, robots and the Greek pantheon across his acting career. In this faith-based drama, Worthington comes face to face with God Himself – or Herself, as the case may be. Worthington plays Mack Phillip


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