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Life (2017) – Review

23 March 2017


Not all aliens in movies want to kill us. Some just want to have a jam session, or study earth’s vegetation and befriend some kids, or teach us a cool new language. Those are the exceptions to the rule. Most aliens in movies want to kill us. T

Power Rangers (2017) – Review

23 March 2017


  It’s time for another lesson in morphology with the return of the Power Rangers to the big screen. In the seaside town of Angel Grove, teenagers Jason (Montgomery), Kimberly (Scott), Billy (Cyler), Zack (Lin) and Trini (Becky G) are worki

Let’s Go, Jets! – Review

16 March 2017


  Let’s Go, Jets! is the ultimate dirty old man fantasy. What else would you call a movie that succeeds in combining the American cheerleader and the Japanese schoolgirl into one perfect Lolita? For the rest of us without any weird fetishes

Beauty And The Beast (2017) – Review

16 March 2017

  Adapting Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve’s original French story about a beauty and her beast is no easy task. In the wrong hands, this romance between a girl and her captor could easily come across as creepy – Stockholm Syndrome

Guardians (Защитники) – Review

9 March 2017


  Ah, Russia. The rest of the world can’t quite decide whether to fear them or laugh at them, just as it was in the 80s when Soviet villains in Hollywood flicks were alternately sinister and goofy. Americans don’t have a monopoly on the s

Kong: Skull Island (2017) – Review

9 March 2017


  12 years after Peter Jackson’s King Kong, the classic movie monster lumbers back onto the big screen. It is 1973, and Bill Randa (Goodman), a senior official of the secret government organisation Monarch, is in search of monsters. He plan

A Dog’s Purpose (2017) – Review

2 March 2017


  There is a wealth of movie-related resources online. Beyond the obvious review sites, one can peruse elaborate fan theories, read up on how a biopic measures up against historical fact, or check if a given film passes the Bechdel Test. Does

Logan (2017) – Review

2 March 2017


  Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? In every beat, every frame, every moment, Logan feels like the Wolverine movie Hugh Jackman has been waiting (and training) for 17 years to make. Set free of a PG rating, this wildly kinetic film has plen

Collide (2017) – Review

23 February 2017


  The Fast and Furious franchise may have cornered the market on car-centric action flicks, and while its reigning status remains unchallenged, it’s fun to see what more modestly-budgeted flicks in the same subgenre bring to the table. C

Fist Fight (2017) – Review

23 February 2017


  As far as big screen match-ups go, Charlie Day vs. Ice Cube might not be as exciting as Batman vs. Superman or Rocky vs. Apollo Creed, but it’s got to be funny, right? Day plays Andy Campbell, a milquetoast English teacher at Roosevelt Hi

Hidden Figures (2017) – Review

23 February 2017

  During the 1960s, the world was transfixed by the Space Race, during which the United States battled the USSR for the conquest of the final frontier. While attention was lavished on the astronauts, the engineers and technicians who made the

Sleepless (2017) – Review

23 February 2017


  Jamie Foxx is up all night trying not to get killed in this action thriller. Foxx plays Vincent Downs, a crooked Las Vegas cop. Along with his accomplice Sean Cass (Harris), Vincent steals a shipment of cocaine from business tycoon Stanley


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