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The Cured (2018) – Review

22 March 2018


  As the zombie craze continues, we’re greeted with yet another apocalyptic movie, but one where a cure has been found. Unlike the typical zombie movie where people die and turn into flesh-eating monsters, The Cured plays around with an ide

Gringo (2018) – Review

15 March 2018


  We follow Harold (David Oyelowo), a Nigerian expat who migrated to America because of the promise of a better future. He is the typical goody-two-shoes who is too innocent for his own good. Everyone, including his wife - Bonnie (Thandie New

Annihilation (2018) – Review

12 March 2018 (Netflix)


  Adapted from the critically acclaimed novel of the same title and reminiscent of the Alien franchise, Annihilation is writer-director Alex Garland’s second film after his Ex Machina (Oscar nominee for Best Original Screenplay) directorial

A Wrinkle In Time (2018) – Review

8 March 2018


  Since its publication in 1962, Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time has gained a reputation for being unfilmable… for good reason. The book mixes science fiction and Christian theology in an epic odyssey across time, space and the un

Tomb Raider (2018) – Review

8 March 2018


  Adapted from the immensely popular video game franchise, Tomb Raider is probably every Lara Croft fan’s dream movie. For the benefit of non-fans, Lara Croft as a character doesn’t have a definitive backstory, but it always involves her

Death Wish (2018) – Review

1 March 2018


  A slight deviation from Bruce Willis’s usual one-man-versus-all action films, Death Wish casts Willis as Paul Kersey, a surgeon in his fifties. He barely makes the mark, especially with all the lines on his face (he was 62 during the prod

Braven (2018) – Review

22 February 2018


  Most recently known for his Aquaman role in the DC Extended Universe, Jason Momoa stars in Braven as Joe Braven, a lumberjack with a beautiful wife proficient with a crossbow (Jill Wagner), a lovable and mischievous daughter (Sasha Rossof),

Game Night (2018) – Review

22 February 2018


  The movie’s title describes very well what it’s all about - a game night with a group of friends. When some players wanted to up the stakes of the game, things turned ugly very quickly and even put their safety in jeopardy. Game Nigh

Operation Red Sea (红海行动) (2018) – Review

15 February 2018


  For Asian cinema lovers, Operation Red Sea is Sky Hunter’s (China’s first aerial film) naval counterpart and probably Dante Lam’s most successful action films yet. The sheer budget (~US$72 million) of this film alone is a testament to

Black Panther (2018) – Review

15 February 2018


  Superhero movies never get a fair shake. There’s always been an invisible - but undeniable - whiff of critical disdain attached to films revolving around people with superhuman abilities. More often than not, these films are viewed (and a

I, Tonya (2018) – Review

1 February 2018


  Right off the bat, I, Tonya shows us the reality of professional sports in the past - it’s mostly for the rich and elite; certainly not for trailer-trash, abusive LaNova Golden (Allison Janney) and her hillbilly of a daughter, Tonya Hardi

The Shape Of Water (2017) – Review

1 February 2018


  Set in the Cold War era when the Americans and Soviets were racing against each other in practically every imaginable aspect, The Shape Of Water is a lot different than its counterparts. The film still has a tinge of political satire and cr


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