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Justice League (2017) – Review

16 November 2017


  What would you do if three out of four films in your blockbuster superhero franchise aren’t particularly good? When going forward with the fifth film (the all-important one that ties everything together and launches it into the stratosphe

Victoria & Abdul (2017) – Review

9 November 2017


  Based on an investigative journalist’s discovery of Queen Victoria’s journals in her summer home, Victoria & Abdul is a story about the decade-plus-long controversial relationship between the second longest-living monarch and her cl

A Bad Moms Christmas (2017) – Review

2 November 2017


  A Bad Moms Christmas is an adult comedy sequel to Bad Moms (2016) and focuses on Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kristen Bell), and Carla (Kathryn Hahn). The film is indeed as its title suggests - a bunch of naughty and hysterical mothers strugglin

Brad’s Status (2017) – Review

2 November 2017


  Brad's Status tells the story of how a middle-aged man, Brad Sloan (Ben Stiller), struggled with his discontentment with life and envy towards his seemingly successful friends from high school. Director Mike White brings us on a depressing

Oversize Cops (2017) – Review

2 November 2017


  We follow four overweight police sergeants, Kan (Sarun Shinsuwapala), Yoi (Pramote Pathan), Ao (Supachai Supprasert), and Pleum (Somyos Matures), as they struggle with their weight and physical demands of being part of the Thai law enforcem

Tornado Girl (2017) – Review

26 October 2017


  Adapted from a manga by Chokkaku Shibuya titled A Boy Who Wished to be Tamio Okuda and a Girl Who Drove All Men Crazy, Tornado Girl follows Yuji Koroki (Satoshi Tsumabuki), a junior lifestyle magazine editor who idolizes Japanese singer Tam

Thor: Ragnarok (2017) – Review

26 October 2017


  In some alternate reality, a movie bearing the title of Thor: Ragnarok has taken itself very seriously indeed: full of literal doom and gloom, it’s an apocalyptic drama about the End of Days, as prophesied by Norse mythology. Since that p

Sky Hunter (空天猎) (2017) – Review

19 October 2017


  Marketed as China’s first aerial film and starring world-famous Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing and her fiancé, Li Chen, who doubles up as the director, Sky Hunter centres on a top-secret air force and its mission to thwart a terrorist att

Only The Brave (2017) – Review

18 October 2017

  Based on a true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, Only The Brave is dedicated to the firemen who risked their lives for the towns cursed by a history of wild forest fires. The film is both hilarious and touching with relatable dialogu

Geostorm (2017) – Review

12 October 2017


  Some might protest against the untimely screening of Geostorm while certain parts of America are struggling over a series of hurricane disasters and raging fires. But like most others, this sci-fi disaster film deserves a chance to captivat

Blade Runner 2049 (2017) – Review

5 October 2017


  Who in their right minds would even contemplate creating a sequel to Blade Runner, easily one of the most influential and iconic sci-fi classics of all time? For all its flaws (from a glacial pace to a tendency to favour style over substanc

Revolt (2017) – Review

28 September 2017


  Revolt feels and looks a lot like a video game - the main characters don’t question many things a real person would in their circumstances, they just push forward. Maybe that’s what exactly Joe Miale wants. Revolt is Miale’s first fea


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