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The Commuter (2018) – Review

11 January 2018


  Liam Neeson defies his age yet again as he returns with B-movie genius director Jaume Collet-Serra, who happens to direct a few more of the classic action flicks we know Neeson for (Unknown, Non-Stop, Run All Night). He’s accompanied by a

Newness (2017) – Review

11 January 2018


  Drake Doremus returns with yet another romance drama film but adds a dating app (WINX, a Tinder-like app) twist to it, directing it at both millennials who are obsessed with hooking up with as many “matches” as possible, and their paren

Marry Me, Dude (2017) – Review

28 December 2017


  On the surface, Marry Me, Dude seems to be a comedy about sexuality, specifically same-sex relationships. But deep down, it’s more of a critique of how ignorant most people are about gay men. This film is a close imitation to I Now Pronou

The Greatest Showman (2017) – Review

28 December 2017


  The Greatest Showman is director Michael Gracey and his crew’s shout-out to every misfit in the society to never hide from their true selves because that’s the only way they survive. We follow P.T. Barnum, the son of a tailor, supposedl

Wonder (2017) – Review

14 December 2017


  A close adaptation of the best-selling novel by the same title, Wonder is an outlier among inspirational films. It’s not just about our protagonist battling an illness or misfortune; we also see how the other people around are affected to

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) – Review

14 December 2017


  The middle film in a trilogy is, almost always, a tough one to pull off. Its predecessor gets to introduce characters and ideas and themes; its successor gets to finish off the tale and tie up all the loose ends. Often, this awkward second

A Taxi Driver (택시 운전사) (2017) – Review

7 December 2017


  Depicting one of the most emotional times of South Korea in the 1980s during the Gwangju Uprising, A Taxi Driver is a historical film with an overly heart-wrenching plot that almost feels like an exclusive film for Koreans. It’s no wonder

The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017) – Review

30 November 2017


  A simple yet compelling biographical drama of one of the greatest English writers, Charles Dickens, The Man Who Invented Christmas tells the journey of how Dickens wrote the all-time classic A Christmas Carol with a tinge of fantasy. In fac

Alone (Seuls) (2017) – Review

30 November 2017

  Based on the popular French graphic novel of the same title, Alone follows a group of teenagers in Fortville, a fictitious town located somewhere in France. The story is bizarre yet believable and even captivating as our young heroes strugg

Coco (2017) – Review

23 November 2017


  Since its inception, Pixar has prided itself on creating films for the entire family. This shouldn’t be confused, of course, with the mildly derogatory label of ‘family-friendly’, which is usually slapped on movies cobbled together to

Battle Of The Sexes (2017) – Review

23 November 2017


  More than just a biopic of Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, the tennis players who played at one of the world’s most televised tennis matches of all time, Battle Of The Sexes explores the lives of professional tennis players on and outsi

Manhunt (追捕) (2017)

23 November 2017


  A typical action crime thriller film that centres on the manhunt of a wrongly-accused man while he figures out how to clear his name, legendary action director John Woo takes a parodic approach and even critique to the subgenre with Manhunt


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