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Mamma Mia! – Theatre Review

  Fun is used to describe many things - be it a night out karaoke-ing; catching a play; or even dancing. And from what we witnessed during the media preview of Mamma Mia!, many in the audience were combining all three activites into one! L

The Girl In The Spider’s Web (2018) – Review

6 November 2018


  The direct sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, a film adaptation of the Swedish novel of the same name, The Girl In The Spider’s Web has Emmy Award winner Claire Foy in the helm as Lisbeth Salander, the Swedish vigilante-hacker (fi

Rampant (창궐) (2018) – Review

1 November 2018


  After an immensely successful Confidential Assignment 공조 last year with Hyun-bin (The Negotiation 협상, The Swindlers, Secret Garden), director Kim Seong-hoon and screenwriter Hwang Jo-yoon return with yet another action blockbuster

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) – Review

1 November 2018


  Reminiscent of half-rockumentary (yes, that’s apparently a term) half-biopic Michael Jackson’s This Is It, this take on rock band legend Queen has its hits and misses in Bohemian Rhapsody. For one, the movie is confused with its dire

Bad Times At The El Royale (2018) – Review

25 October 2018


  Set in post-Vietnam war America in the 1960s, Bad Times At The El Royale is a crime thriller reminiscent of the neo-noir classic Pulp Fiction but with a touch of modern cinema. Director-writer Drew Goddard, who wrote box office successes (T

Halloween (2018) – Review

25 October 2018


  Exactly four decades after the first Halloween (in reality and in the movie’s timeline), Jamie Lee Curtis (Screen Queens) and Nick Castle (director of The Last Starfighter) reprise their roles as the murder survivor Laurie Strode and ramp

First Man (2018) – Review

18 October 2018

  There’s no denying that Damien Chazelle is one of the most interesting directors working today. His two most recent credits, which he wrote and directed, were breakout hits. You could practically sense Chazelle himself living and breathin

The Negotiation (협상) (2018) – Review

4 October 2018


  Popular South Korean drama and movie star Hyun-bin (born Kim Tae-pyung; Secret Garden, The Swindlers) plays Min Tae-gu, an illegal weapons kingpin who takes a police captain and reporter hostage in his Thailand hideout with unknown intentio

Searching (2018) – Review

27 September 2018


  Presented primarily through the device screens of David Kim (John Cho, Harold And Kumar, Star Trek), a distraught father whose daughter goes missing, Searching challenges traditional cinema with just selfie camera footage and computer scree

Monstrum (물괴) (2018) – Review

20 September 2018


  Based on the Joseon Dynasty’s historical records of a mysterious mutant monster in the 1500s during King Joong Jong’s reign, Monstrum is a monster film similar to the likes of Netflix’s Okja and Rampage. Fans of huge beasts ripping hu

The Predator (2018) – Review

13 September 2018


  A reboot/sequel of the first Predator back in 1987, The Predator is set in the present day and decades after the humans’ first encounter with the predator species. A predator’s space shuttle crashes in New Mexico, and U.S. sniper Quinn

The Spy Gone North (공작) (2018) – Review

6 September 2018


  Unlike your typical Hollywood spy movies such as the James Bond and Kingsman franchise, The Spy Gone North (공장/Gongjak) is a slow and plot-heavy political drama-thriller based on real-life events without a single action sequence in its


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