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Toruk – The First Flight (Review)

24 May to 3 June 2018


  Famed for their thematic shows featuring world-class acrobatics performed by a diverse cast of retired athletes, contortionists and various talented individuals, Cirque du Soleil’s 37th production takes on a different genre of sought.

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

24 May 2018


  Han Solo, as played by the incomparably charming Harrison Ford, is one of the most iconic action heroes in all of cinematic history. There’s no denying that: it’s simply a fact of life, an immutable truth. You have to give LucasFilm and

Higher Power (2018) – Review

17 May 2018


  To ride on the superhero craze and also first-time writer-director Matthew Charles Santoro’s visual effects experience in the same genre (X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk), Higher Power is a US$500,000

Terminal (2018) – Review

17 May 2018


  A noir centered on a femme fatale played by Academy Nominee Margot Robbie, Terminal is Vaughn Stein’s directorial debut after more than a decade of sitting in the assistant director’s seat (World War Z, Sherlock Holmes). Fans who can’

Deadpool 2 (2018) – Review

17 May 2018


  Remember when the very concept of making a Deadpool movie was a risk that no sane person or studio would dare to undertake? That was just over two years ago. Defying naysayers and sceptics, Deadpool became a cultural phenomenon: a seriously

Isle of Dogs (2018) – Review

10 May 2018


  Mostly stop-motion animated and partially hand-drawn the old school way, Isle of Dogs is a film about companionship, loyalty, and communication. It is director and screenwriter Wes Anderson’s second stop-motion effort and more on-point, t

The Trough (低压槽) (2018) – Review

1 May 2018


  The third directorial effort by Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung, The Trough (低压槽) stars the filmmaker himself (as with Ghost Rituals and Keeper Of Darkness) as Qiu, an undercover cop. The movie starts off with Qiu scavenging food in the d

Love, Simon (2018) – Review

03 May 2018


  Love, Simon focuses on an ordinary teenage male who is “just like you”, but he has one huge secret (which if you haven’t realised after seeing the rating): he’s gay. And that’s established very early on in the film, through Simon

Avengers: Infinity War (2018) – Review

26 April 2018


  Over the past decade, Marvel has earned itself the benefit of the doubt. The studio has consistently delivered smart, funny, brave films that both embrace and transcend their comic-book origins. The 18 blockbuster movies produced since Iron

Unsane (2018) – Review

19 April 2018


  We follow a young lady, Sawyer Valentini (Claire Foy from Netflix’s The Crown) as the film establishes her as a typical office worker who is in a job she doesn’t like, and puts up a strong front to not look weak. Sawyer barely holds

The Princess And The Matchmaker (궁합) (2018) – Review

12 April 2018


  Set in the mid 18th century during the reign of the 21st King of the Korean Joseon Dynasty, The Princess And The Matchmaker (궁합 literally means horoscope compatibility for marriage) is a fun movie that plays with superstition and tradit

The Hurricane Heist (2018) – Review

5 April 2018


Seldom do we get a film as straightforward as The Hurricane Heist - the movie is literally a heist during a hurricane. From Rob Cohen, the director of The Fast And The Furious and xXx, this is everything you would expect from an action-disaster B-mov


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