Shoots for the moon, and misses the heart.
A suspense thriller on the surface, 'The Negotiation' is at its heart a political commentary on the corruption expositions in South Korea.
A gripping missing teenager tale masterfully and cinematically presented in a “screen life” movie style.
An enjoyable Korean monster film for its characters, action, and compelling CGI man-eating beast.
'The Predator' suffers from a clunky third act but makes up with impressive action and visuals.
'Gongjak' doesn't have the wow factor of typical spy movies but the performances and characterisations are worth the lengthy recount of Korea's contentious political saga.
'Peppermint' is Jennifer Garner’s action flick comeback in over a decade as a vengeful widow who packs a hell of a punch amid some impressive set pieces.

Kin (2018) – Review

A total misfire on its storytelling, characters, and execution, 'Kin' disappoints with an intriguing but badly fleshed out plot.
The only Hollywood movie with an all-Asian cast since 1993, 'Crazy Rich Asians' delivers in the rom-com aspect and is one of the most accurate Asian representations thus far on the international big screen.
Good ol’ action and popcorn entertainment for Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg fans if you can forgive the plot logic and character motivations.
Dubbed as “Jaws on steroids”, The Meg is a delight for shark-attack horror fans and anyone up for an unreal human-versus-monster fun time.
Summary: Adapted from a sci-fi teen novel series by Alexandra Bracken, and from the same producers behind Netflix’s hit The Stranger Things — The Darkest Minds depicts a dystopian future where kids with superpowers are suppressed for political motives.

Aquaman (2018) – Review

Fans, no matter how few, will cheer for Arthur.

Anna And The Apocalypse (2018) – Review

'Anna And The Apocalypse' is an amazingly fun Christmasy movie to enjoy with friends just for laughs...

Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse (2018) – Review

'Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse' isn’t just the best Spider-Man movie that nobody asked for - it’s one of the best Spider-Man movies ever made, period. It’s also a top contender for best animated film of the year.

Mortal Engines (2018) – Review

Recommended? If you want to see some of the best visual effects put on screen since Lord Of The Rings, yes. But the muddled plot never quite lives up to its promise. So be warned - you might be disappointed if you’re in it for the story.

Widows (2018) – Review

There's a lot about 'Widows' that's good, and quite a bit of it that doesn't work. But it's an interesting mess that's worth a look.