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Questions For The Rest Of Marvel’s Phase 3

We're currently in the midst of Phase Three, which began with CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, and will end with an untitled Avengers film (a sequel to INFINITY WAR) in 2019. So far Phase Three has been a big success for the MCU. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL

TASTE PARADISE: ‘Wonder Woman’ Media Launch

After making her big screen debut in last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, superheroine Wonder Woman will finally get a movie of her own. Tying in to the highly anticipated film, a homegrown marketing effort is rolling out Wonder Woman-ce


Katherine Heigl stars as Tessa Connover, who is barely coping with the end of her marriage when her ex-husband, David (Stults), becomes happily engaged to Julia Banks (Dawson) — not only bringing Julia into the home they once shared but also into t

A Little Bit of Fisticuffs: “Iron Fist” Press Conference

The juggernaut that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has had quite the solid track record since it kicked off with Iron Man in 2008. Despite the occasional misstep, none of the films or television series that constitute the MCU have been met wi

No Man’s La La Land: The 89th Academy Awards saves the biggest shock for last

  The 89th Academy Awards, which took place on 26 January 2017 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, was proceeding swimmingly. Host Jimmy Kimmel was doing a fine job. Despite capping off an awards season fraught with political tension, the mood

The Jackie Chan Misadventures: Kung Fu Yoga Press Conference

  Crashing supercars, almost drowning in Icelandic ice caverns and getting chased by stuntmen pretending to be hyenas is all in a day’s work for Jackie Chan and company. The 62-year-old actor was in town to promote his latest action comedy

A FEATHER IN HIS CAP: A Yellow Bird director K. Rajagopal tells F*** about making the gritty drama

Rajagopal has been active in the Singapore film industry since 1995. He was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) for I Can’t Sleep Tonight (1995), The Glare (1996) and Absence (1997). In 2015, Rajagopa

OPEN THE FLOODGATES: James Marsden regales F*** with tales from Westworld

James Marsden, who was in Singapore to promote the show’s 90-minute-long season finale, spoke to F*** and other journalists at the Four Seasons Hotel. The actor is known for his role as Cyclops in the X-Men franchise, as Prince Edward in Enchanted

WAVERIDERS: The star and filmmakers of Disney’s Moana island-hop to Singapore

The film tells the story of its titular heroine’s epic voyage across the ocean. Accompanied by the demigod Maui, voiced by Dwayne Johnson, Moana embarks on a quest to restore life to her home of Motonui, threatened by the lava goddess Te Kā.

Smooth Criminal: F*** talks to Jai Courtney, who plays Captain Boomerang in ‘Suicide Squad’

  QUESTION: What was your reaction when writer/director David Ayer first approached you about this project and what drew you in? Did you have any familiarity with the DC Comic? JAI COURTNEY: I had virtually no familiarity at all with the c

Heart To Heart: Jane Gull, director of My Feral Heart, speaks exclusively to F*** about the indie film

My Feral Heart is an intimate character study with a dash of mystery. It stars Steven Brandon, an actor with Down’s Syndrome, as Luke, an independent man with Down’s Syndrome whose life is upended after his elderly mother passes away. Luke is rel

Task Force Snax: F*** tucks into Suicide Squad culinary creations at the DC Comics Super Heroes Café

Following the tie-in menu launched to commemorate the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this year, the DC Comics Super Heroes Café at Marina Bay Sands Singapore is serving up food items inspired by the Suicide Squad movie. F*** w


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