Not sure how the Wachowskis' upcoming sci-fi action epic will pan out? Well, maybe you'll want to watch the 'Reign Of Jupiter' preview - which focuses on Mila Kunis’ character Jupiter Jones and her destiny to inherit Earth; and a 'Inside The Universe' featurette - where the gorgeous cast prepares you for what's to come... Enjoy!
Here it is, 20th Century Fox has finally released the first trailer of 'Fantastic Four', which has till now been shrouded in deep mystery with nary a movie still in sight...
Don't you just love it when people don't mince their opinion?
Things aren't looking too good for our dear Avengers in the new trailer of Joss Whedon's upcoming film...
Local director Jack Neo 梁志强 returns with the highly anticipated 'Ah Boys To Men' sequel, 'Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen', which will be released island-wide during the upcoming Chinese New Year on 19th February, with sneak previews on 18th February.
After 'Rush', Ron Howard again directs Chris Hemsworth for 'In the Heart of the Sea', a true story that became the inspiration for Herman Melville to write his landmark novel about the infamous whale, Moby Dick. Watch the trailer after the jump.
Here's a second trailer for director George Miller’s fourth installment in the Mad Max franchise.
Dwayne Johnson plays a search and rescue helicoptor pilot who tries to rescue his daughter after a magnitude 9 earthquake strikes along the infamous San Andreas Fault...
"You made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea," says Chris Pratt's scientist character...
Get ready Pitches! The Barden Bellas are back.

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