Tiny Times å

By Shawne Wang

This role is a bit of a departure from your onscreen image. Was that a deliberate decision on your part?
The entire script, casts and production are good. I really want to work with all the actors, actresses and director in this movie, so I chose this movie. I did not deliberately choose this role to depart from my past image. I felt that I don`t need to create an image yet, will take it slowly. In the future, being more mature will give me a different image.
What challenges did you face in playing the character of Gu Yuan?
I feel the need to understand more about the different aspects of his life. He is from a rich family background, but I am not. So I need to understand his life and behaviour. He is less reckless, more calm and rational, which I need to work on.


What was it like working with Amber Kuo?
I am very happy to work with Amber. It`s very smooth. When we were in Taipei, we attended the training sessions together, we interact very well and cooperate smoothly. When filming in Shanghai, we had good interactions and chemistry.
Do you have any behind-the-scenes anecdotes you can share on the filming of Tiny Times?

Tiny Times
has big setup scenes, which need a lot of planning and scheduling, so the cast has to wait while they set up. While waiting, we played Bingo together! That`s why we warmed up with each other very quickly. The most interesting thing is that we get along better than we imagined we would.
What do you hope audiences will take with them after watching the film?
I hope the audience can experience friendship, love and get touched by the movie. Cherish friendship, cherish relationships.

Tiny Times opens in Singapore on 15 August 2013.