Tiny Times å

By Shawne Wang

How different are you from your character?

I like Lin-Xiao`s character. I spent some time figuring her out, as her personality is very unlike my own. I am independent; when I face problems, I will try to solve them myself and I am not a crybaby. But Lin-Xiao is the opposite. So when I played this role, I spent some time trying to understand her state of mind. I have to say a big thank you to our director, who really helped me a lot during the shoot. My character is more like the role of Gu-Li in the movie.
Your onscreen relationship with your three best friends was really natural. What was the chemistry like between you and the other three actresses off-camera?

We all get along very well, both on-screen and off-screen.
What challenges did you face in playing your character?

I enjoyed playing this role, Playing the role really brought back my memories, and is very interesting.

What was it like working with your director? Can you describe his directing style?

I`ve known Guo for some time, and he knew that I have always liked Tiny Times. When he decided to film the movie for Tiny Times, he asked if I would like to play a role in the movie. To me, it is a dream come true to be able to act in this movie based on a book that I`ve always liked, so I immediately went for the audition.
I enjoyed working with him. He helped me a lot during the shoot. He is in  control, and has his own ideas. I admire his ability to be in control of things.

What do you hope audiences will take with them after watching the film?
I hope the audience can appreciate our ability to adapt to society, and have a positive attitude to life.

Tiny Times opens in Singapore on 15 August 2013.