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Love, Again (두번할까요) (2019) – Review

The Low-Down: Among the usual Korean rom-coms featuring young and attractive actors, Love, Again 두번할까요 turns...

Frozen 2 (2019) – Review

The Low-Down: In 2013, Disney’s Frozen, based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen,...

Wira (2019) – Review

The Low-Down: PASKAL: The Movie, released in 2018, was one of the most successful Malaysian...

Wira the Champions: the director and stars of Wira talk making the Malaysian action movie

One of the biggest films to come out of Malaysia in recent years is PASKAL:...

The Good Liar (2019) – Review

The Low-Down: Weirdly enough, respected English thespians Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Helen Mirren have...