#40 (May 2013)

Creating a movie magazine isn’t just about going to the movies and writing reviews. Sometimes, it involves braving many obstacles just for that exclusive quote.

Obstacles can come in many forms – from the elements, perhaps, or they could be man-made.

A blizzard was brewing when we flew in to New York for an exclusive look at upcoming animated adventure Epic. By the time we were on our hour-long bus ride to Blue Sky Studios in Connecticut, Greenwich, a full-blown blizzard had set in. But, true to our professional integrity, we had to finish our interview with Oscar-winning director Chris Wedge before we left – right down to the final seconds before the road closure kicked in, and much to the ire of our driver.

Throngs of journalists were at the Montage Hotel at Beverly Hills when we flew in to Los Angeles for an interview with Man of Steel‘s Henry Cavill, but we just had to seize the chance to have breakfast with him for this issue’s very exclusive cover story.

It was most unfortunate that the Boston bomb attack had to happen right in the middle of CinemaCon, which was held in Las Vegas. The actors and we were disturbed and saddened but the show – and interviews – had to go on. We had to modify our questions and the celebs were encouraging and praised the warmth of the community who helped out after the bombings.

Of course, the hard work we put in for a better story is nothing compared to our fellow news journalists, who have to tread in hostile territories just to bring us updates that we can read in our leisurely comfort. For that, we salute them.

So the next time you turn a page, be thankful that we are able to, for there’s always someone out there who won’t know when their next meal will be.

We’re starting to sound melodramatic – blame it on the movies! But aren’t we lucky we can always escape into the cinema whenever we’re feeling down?

See you at the movies!


Royston Loh

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