#36/37 (Jan/Feb 2013)

2012 is well and truly behind us, but for many in the movie world, the labours of yesteryear are just starting to bear fruit.

Awards season is truly under way… and it’s proving to be a veryinteresting year. The Golden Globes – a.k.a. Oscar’s cooler, hipper, slightly more random younger brother – has just crowned their winners for the year. Check out our thoughts on the outcome, and our predictions for this February’s Oscars on page 22.

February also happens to be this magazine’s birth month, and thanks to your steadfast support, we’re turning THREE! To celebrate our coming of age (hey, we’re no longer crawling on all fours, but standing on our own two feet now!), we decided to combine our January & February issues into this mammoth 3rd Anniversary bumper issue that includes a massive 2013 preview covering 175 upcoming movies and spanning 50 pages! We’ve painstakingly compiled details and trivia about these movies for your reading pleasure, and have also listed them according to their release dates for your easy reference. Time to start planning your movie-going budget for the year!

The folks behind Oz The Great And Powerful are definitely hoping to part us from our hard-earned dollars to recoup their US$200 million investment in the film. To make sure your money is well spent on a cinema ticket, we literally took off to L.A. to see the man who would become a wizard – as well as the women who would be his witches – in a whirlwind tour of director Sam Raimi’s wonderful, whimsical new film. Check out our exclusive interviews with James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz on page 96.

Of course, this bumper issue is not complete without the tons of interviews and features we’re so used to spoiling you with. Coinciding nicely with the upcoming Oscars, we have an interview with Best Actor nominee Daniel Day-Lewis and director Steven Spielberg for their film, Lincoln – which is also nominated for Best Picture (page 80). There’s also an interview with Golden Globe winner for Best Director Ben Affleck about the DVD release of his Golden Globe-winning film Argo – which was surprisingly only nominated for Best Film and not Best Director at the Oscars (page 144).

Fret not for those who prefer a little action to the heavier Oscar-bait dramas – we’ve also secured interviews with action veterans Sylvester Stallone (Bullet To The Head, page 90) and Bruce Willis (A Good Day To Die Hard, page 108), amongst others, so there’s definitely something for everyone in the following pages.

We hope you’ll find that it’s money well-spent with this bumper issue… Happy 2013, and see you at the movies!

Royston Loh