Top 10 Sexiest Superheroes


Michelle Pfeifer Catwoman

If a woman can fit into Catwoman`s suit, she`s sure as hell bound to be sexy enough for us. Pfeiffer played Catwoman in 1992`s Batman Returns opposite Michael Keaton`s Batman and Danny DeVito`s Penguin. She was sexy, sultry and oh-so-lust-worthy. And, best of all, she could act too, which just made us love her even more.


Jennifer Garner Elektra

Garner first showed us that she sure could kick some serious ass while looking very sexy, in her hit TV show Alias. Then she took on the title role of Elektra in 2005, after appearing as that character in 2003`s Daredevil, opposite her now-husband Ben Affleck, coincidentally. Sure, Elektra isn`t one of the most popular superheroes around but Garner looks red hot in that costume, which is good enough for us, really. Yes, we`re very easy to please.


Christian Bale Batman

The reigning Batman gets our vote thank to his sheer manliness, if you know what we mean. Bale is the perfect dream superhero a dashing looking man with a good physique, who also looks nice enough to bring home to mum. Oh, he also looks like he could sweep us off his feet in more ways than one very comfortably if the need arises. And isn`t that what a superhero is meant to be, in a nutshell?


Andrew Garfield SpiderMan

Yes, we haven`t seen him in action as Spidey yet, but judging from his previous acting performances and how hot he actually looks in his suit, we can`t wait to start drooling (in a nice way, of course) at this hot young talent. While we had no major problems with Tobey Maguire being SpiderMan before him, we reckon young Andrew will be able to get our hearts pumping in a whole new different way soon.


Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man

He`s the comeback kid (okay, maybe not a kidâ€