The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom – pays tribute to Leslie Cheung with film’s theme song

The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom《白发魔女传之明月天国》released the film’s theme song and music video today, April 1st, as a tribute to Leslie Cheung (张国荣) who passed away 11 years ago on the same date. The theme song – ‘Red Face with White Hair’《红颜白发》performed by Leslie, was also the theme for the 1993 movie The Bride With White Hair《白发魔女传》starring Leslie and Brigitte Lin (林青霞). The song won Best Original Film Song at the 30th Golden Horse Awards.

The filmmakers have decided to use the same theme song to recreate the memories of the 1993 classic. Do note that this is only a 1-minute version of the music video, the full version will be released soon.