The Last Exorcism

    At the beginning of the movie, one would think, “Oh no, not another crap movie again”. But when you start to engage yourself in it, you`ll probably want to just keep that thought to yourself and save it for a later discussion with your movie partner. It was shot on a very low budget, with actors others might not have heard of, and jittery camera work. On the other hand, we think that the ‘documentary filming’ effect sharpened the realism and the scare factor of this film. It also offers unexpected twists that will raise a lot of questions, especially in the last 15 minutes. Again, we might not have heard of Patrick Fabian and Ashley Bell before, but in terms of performance, they deliver. That, we think, is one big reason why this film makes the cut.

    SUMMARY: Produced by Eli Roth, The Last Exorcism, is a low-budget horror movie filmed in the mould of The Blair Witch Project and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. So that should say it all.

    RATING: 3 out of 5 stars

    Mikey Flores