The King`s Speech

Even before all the Oscar hype surrounding this movie, we were convinced that we wanted to watch this, partly because we love biopics and partly because we love Colin Firth. And, we have to say that this movie doesn`t disappoint in any of those aspects.

The fact that it`s a true story is, of course, the main draw. And it`s a lot more attractive too, being the story of a famous King. It`s always nice to get a behind-the-scenes look at royal life, isn`t it? For those who love their history, this is one excellent biopic that will go down as a classic English movie. For those who never even knew who this King was before watching this, you`ll enjoy it as an excellent real-life drama.

And it is, indeed, the two leads that contribute to the brilliance of this flick. Firth has the enviable talent of being able to play a heartthrob who melts women`s hearts (Bridget Jones` Diary, Love Actually), a funny, football-mad man (Fever Pitch), a grieving, middle-aged man (And When Did You Last See Your Father?), an all-singing, all-dancing man (Mamma Mia!) and a swinging gay man (A Single Man) all with the same amount of conviction. His talents have gone unnoticed for years he lost out in the Oscars` Best Actor category last year for A Single Man but it`s about time he`s duly rewarded. Having won a Golden Globe already for this role, we`re hoping he finally gets his Oscar glory. Plus, he looks too good for a 50-year-old man too.

Rush doesn`t appear in very big movies but he certainly (pardon the pun) shines when he does. He won an Oscar in 1997 for his performance in Shine and his most famous movies include Quills, Elizabeth: The Golden Age and the Pirates of the Caribbean series. It could be Oscar-winning time again for this Aussie actor.

If you`re looking for an exceptional movie about a man who finds courage in extraordinary circumstances, told by a brilliant cast, look no further than The King`s Speech.

We can`t wait to watch this sweep the Oscars, and deservedly so too.