Stomp The Yard: The Homecoming

If things don`t go right at first, we could always do it again to make it better. This philosophy would have been apt if the original Stomp The Yard was a disaster. On the contrary, making this sequel is a question mark by itself. Sure, the first one was a hit, fans asked for part two and we can`t blame the filmmakers for that. But as a moviegoer, we always expect that a latter movie will surpass the former. As an unsolicited piece of advice, don`t set your hopes too high for this film.

In all fairness, we think that the overall execution is not that bad. Plus, the choreography is awesome. But what makes it a lacklustre sequel? Its cardboard characters and the predictable plot.

Extras: Choreography featurette, deleted scenes and cast & filmmaker commentary

Movie: 2 1/2 stars

Extras:  2 stars            Mikey Flores