Local Horror 23:59 scores at sneaks


23:59, with a production budget of $700,000, also held two “23:59 Super Date Night sessions with GV Movie Club on 28 October. The responses were overwhelming! Several audiences who attended the screenings in their Singapore Armed Forces uniforms were given free popcorn.

Directed by Gilbert Chan, who spent the past ten years conceptualising and working on 23:59, the movie tells the story of a mysterious murder that happened in 1983 in the army camp on Pulau Tekong.

Besides the well-known local actor Mark Lee, the film also stars several up and coming young actors from Singapore and Malaysia namely Henley Hii, Tedd Chan, Lawrence Koh, Josh Lai and Tommy Kuan.

Produced by Clover Films, Gorylah Pictures, Innoform Media, mm2, PMP Entertainment, Passion Music & Entertainment and Grand Briliiance, 23:59 is co-distributed in Singapore by Clover Films and Golden Village Pictures.

Check out a clip of 23:59 below.