Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen – New trailer

The movie launches its official trailer today, via youtube, featuring memorable characters from AH BOYS TO MEN and AH BOYS TO MEN 2 like ‘Ken Chow’ by Joshua Tan 陈伟恩, the spoilt, rich kid who continues to ‘keng’ his way out of NS; ‘Aloysius Jin’ or ‘Wayang King’ by Maxi Lim 林俊良, whose over-enthusiasm brings trouble to his cabin mates; ‘Sergeant Ong’ by Tosh Zhang 张智扬, the strict and fit sergeant, and ‘Lobang King’ by Wang Wei Liang 王伟良!

“This is my third movie on army-training. However, what we are featuring (in AH BOYS TO MEN 3: FROGMEN) is very different from the Basic Military Training (BMT) in Pulau Tekong (in AH BOYS TO MEN and AH BOYS TO MEN 2)”, said Jack Neo.

He added: “As the Frogmen are the elite of the Republic of Singapore Navy and the Naval Diving Unit, their training requirements are much tougher. Hence, it was a must for the actors to go through very tough training to ensure that they portrayed the Frogmen realistically. Without the challenging and demanding preparation, the actors’ physical conditions would not be up to standard for the roles.”

Melvin Ang, CEO of mm2 Asia Ltd. and an Executive Producer for the movie said: “The first two instalments of ABTM were milestones in local cinema history. mm2 Asia is proud to be co-producing with Jack Neo again on the third instalment of Singapore’s most iconic movie franchise. This movie builds on what is familiar and loved by the audience and adds new levels of excitement by featuring the little known dynamics and training of our navy boys. It’s a movie to be enjoyed by movie-goers of all ages during the coming festive season.”


Besides the familiar faces from AH BOYS TO MEN and AH BOYS TO MEN 2, AH BOYS TO MEN 3: FROGMEN introduces new actor Wesley Wong 黄恺杰, who plays ‘Black Dragon’, an aggressive gang leader who prefers to talk with his fists instead of his mouth. Together, these ragtag band of misfits must somehow survive 40 weeks of training in hell. Do they have what it takes to become one of Singapore’s most fearsome military units – the frogmen?

Filming was made possible with kind support from the Ministry of Defence, the Republic of Singapore Navy and the Naval Diving Unit. This will be the first local movie featuring Navy ships, equipment, and specialised diving skills. The boys portray elite naval divers, also known as “frogmen”, and prepared for their roles by undergoing a conditioning course similar to the tough training of the Combat Diving Course (CDC).

AH BOYS TO MEN 3: FROGMEN is presented by J Team productions and mm2 Entertainment Pte Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of mm2 Asia Ltd.); In Association with 3VS1 Asia Growth Fund 2, AceCom, Acension Pictures, Bee Cheng Hiang, Fox International Channels, Golden Village Pictures, Grand Olympus Films, K. Kopter, Pinnacle Enterprise, StarHub, Vivid Three and Zingshot Productions; Mainly Sponsored by Dester Beer, Bee Cheng Hiang, Break Talk, Food Republic, Toast Box, KDK, KPMG and Tupperware Brands; Official Isotonic Drink – 100 Plus, Official Skincare – Nivea Men; Official Eyecare – Eagle Eye Centre; Official Partner – Chang Cheng; Official Partner – Union Pay; Official Membership Card – Safra Card; Official Media – E City; Media Partners include Jia 88.3FM and Power 98FM. The movie is supported by Singapore Film Commission.

AH BOYS TO MEN 3: FROGMEN is co-distributed by J Team, mm2 Entertainment and Golden Village Pictures in Singapore.