Aaron Sorkin Linked to Steve Jobs Biopic


He was said by the person to be considering the prospect but had made no decisions. Sony and a Sorkin representative declined to comment on the writer`s potential involvement.

Sorkin, who won an Oscar award for his screenplay for “The Social Network”, has a special gift for writing stories of the lives of wildly talented, if difficult, characters, and as envinced in “The Social Network”, he is adept at turning a difficult source material into captivating cinema. It is not difficult to see why studio executives believe that he is the right man for crafting the screenplay to the life story of Jobs.

This time round, however, the project proves trickier. Sorkin is said to have been familar with Jobs, having known him personally. Also, he is telling the story of a man whose life was greatly publicized in the media, and whose legacy is still fresh in the head of the public.

Nevertheless, we are convinced that should there be anyone capable of turning a fiercely innovative, if somewhat erratic and difficult man`s life into cinematic magic, Sorkin will be that person.