#87/88 (Jun 2017) – The Mummy Vs Transformers Duo-Cover issue


What makes you dislike a film?

We all know there are a million and one possible answers to that question. Bad acting; Jar Jar Binks; shaky cams; Marthas, shaky cams; screaming kids; shaky cams; or even something as simple as because you watch it when you’re in a bad mood…

The interesting thing is, unless you’re working in an industry which requires you to watch all kinds of films, said movie must be something we are willing to watch in the first place.

In a way, the saying ‘there must be love to be hate’ sort of applies. This is because we wouldn’t even care to spend a single cent on films that we don’t actually care for – or have not heard of.

There are no fail-proof movies but there are ways to minimise your level of disappointment. Manage your expectations or empower yourself (read: us).

Our two popcorn movies for this month are about talking cars and a remake of a come-back-to-life mummy. So expect more heavy metal rather than Mozart and your life will be slightly easier. We have to let go of hate… but maybe not for shaky-cam movies because that’s a whole other ballgame altogether…*shudder*

See you at the movies!

Royston Loh – Editor-In-Chief
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