#83/84 (Jan/Feb 2017) – 7th Anniversary Issue


Happy 2017! And Happy 7th Anniversary to us! :)

So have you made your new year resolutions yet? Or have you sworn off them after consistently failing to achieve them, year after year? Of course, I’m sure we’re all no saints in that department.

Here’s one thing, or two… from this smart Alec who thinks he is the reincarnation of Yoda.

One. If you were to make a list of movies to watch, you probably won’t survive more than three at one go. Of course, you can force yourselves to do twenty, but that’s not the point for you will not be enjoying it after a while.

It’s probably easier and less taxing to watch one every other day at your own leisure.

Two. Why do we only make resolutions during the new year? Why can’t we make them as and when?

We shouldn’t wait till a certain time to feel the need to do something good or be happy. In fact, we should be wishing each other Happy New Day… because we should be living life one day at a time, to the fullest.

So, see you at the movies, my fellow padawans!

Royston Loh – Editor-In-Chief
FB, Instagram, Twitter: @RoystonLoh

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