#79 (Sep 2016) The Magnificent Seven


    Recently, an old Greek saying kept playing in my mind: “The only constant in life is change,” which Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden also uttered in the iconic Fight Club (1999).

    Indeed, things are changing inevitably everyday, whether it relates to our personal or work lives, technology, landscape or time… Like it, or not.

    Even our (Singapore’s) Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently mentioned that we can’t stop changes in his National Day Rally speech, where he asked if we should “ban Uber and Grab, and impose restrictions to protect the old ways,” or “to embrace change, let the disruption happen… but help the taxi drivers to adapt to the changes.” Wise words.

    Of course, there have been changes too, when it comes to moviegoers’ preferences. Gone are the days where they flock like sheep to every touted blockbuster, even though some movie studios are still continually approving and pushing out tried and failed marriages/formulas, hoping for a fluke. Some directors are just not good storytellers! On the other hand, studios should stop meddling artistically too lah.

    Likewise, with changing consumer tastes, we also have to admit that printed magazines have seen better days. Yes, we already went digital a while ago, but print-wise, we are still relevant thanks to our faithful readers who appreciate our movie-themed magazine with its giant poster pullouts as a collectible. Not resting on our laurels, we are constantly evolving too. From this issue, you’ll see more frame-worthy pages of celebrities and beautiful movie art – from cult classics to future blockbusters. You’re welcome and thanks in turn for supporting us!

    Here’s to changing for the better. See you at the movies!


    Royston Loh – Editor-In-Chief
    FB, Instagram, Twitter: @RoystonLoh

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