#73 (Feb 2016) 6th Anniversary Issue


We love February! Why? Because we like you…

Sorry, that’s some (really, really) old Mickey Mouse Club kids’ show closing theme that plays in my head on a cheery day when someone asks me, ‘Why?’ Or it’s even verbalised when I’m too dumbfounded for an answer…

Google or YouTube it, and enjoy some vintage black-and-white goodness.

Of course, I’m also cheerily giving back (just to annoy) for a while now with, ‘But why?’ Thanks to another obscure product called Frozen, also from the House of the Rat… I mean, Mouse. All these bad influences, they should learn more from Quentin Tarantino…

I’m really good at digressing, aren’t I?

Okay, February’s our birthday; that’s why we love the month! We’re six! Yeah, man, we are old enough to learn new swear words! Just kidding… we already know all of them! The Chinese Lunar New Year falls on this month too! Just so you know, we are still eligible to collect red packets for another good decade or more… We accept cheques too, address somewhere on this page!

This is also the month when we spring-clean and revamp our magazine a bit; see if you can spot the dirt, I mean, the changes and additions.

February is also the month when we cherry-pick the best of the year’s upcoming movies. So don’t go squandering your red-packet takings just yet, ’til you’ve gone through our list and subscribed to our magazine for another year or so. Why, because we like you…

The Oscars are happening towards the end of the month too! With all the #OscarsSoWhite controversy going around (read our news bites inside this issue, tsk), we’re pretty sure there’ll be some colourful languages flying around and some serious ‘acts’ of compassion at this year’s telecast. So be sure to stock up on the popcorn and those yummy pineapple tarts for an interesting reality show – I mean, awards show.

Oh, Valentine’s Day falls on this month too, so there you go: we said we like you first, so don’t go complaining you’re unloved!

Now, go clean your room! But… why?

Royston Loh

FB, Instagram, Twitter: @RoystonLoh

Here are some of the section covers and features in this month’s issue:

Fmoviemag #73 S&M Cover

Fmoviemag #73 WTF Cover

Fmoviemag #73 R(A) cover


Fmoviemag #73 Angelina Jolie Kung Fu Panda 3 interviewFmoviemag #73 Ryan Reynolds inteviewFmoviemag #73 The Finest Hours director interviewFmoviemag #73 Top 50

Giant Posters:

Fmoviemag #73 Cap 3 poster Fmoviemag #73 X-men Apocalypse poster

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