#25 (Feb 2012)

We are turning two this month!

It’s scary how time flies when you’re being tortured to do what you love doing, of course not taking into account the awesome time crunch. And it’s frightening how fast technology is evolving too, with all the iPads and the social media. The next thing you know, we’ll be 50 and you’ll be reading our news via telepathy.

Well, turning two is not without its teething problems too, but we’re happy to say we have done okay in our bid to take into account the evolving technologies. We have managed to get ourselves more than one fan on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube – yes, we are unabashedly humble. And we’ve gotten ourselves digitised into little square apps on iPad and Androids tablets. And we feel like we’re able to understand R2D2 better now too.

Flying has also taken a whole new meaning to us, for the mag is also going to be digitised onto the inflight entertainment screens of our flagship carrier. Now that’s a jump of a gazillion international and local eyeballs who’ll probably be reading what you’re reading now. Guess we’ll be collecting more mileage than George Clooney’s character from that Up In The Air movie.

Short of rewarding ourselves with more pressure to perform better with all this altitude talk, we think it’s also time to reward our true love – the movies that is – with our very own F*** Awards! Of course, with a name like ours, don’t expect heavy stuff like technical categories – the most technical thing we know besides all those high-tech stuff we just mentioned is screwing the, erm, bulb. We’re kidding, we do have some technical categories, like the best movie to watch while on a treadmill. Seriously. Go check our winners on page 38.

There’s a slight revamp again too, but don’t get too used to it, our design head thinks he’s the chameleon from Tangled, the Rapunzel movie. And that’s what we love him for, we hate stagnancy too.

Nuff said, you guys should know what we’re all about by now, all talk, on nothing else but the big picture. We are just so humble, eh? Now stop rolling your eyes and see you at the movies!

Royston Loh