#20 (Sep 2011)

Welcome to issue 20!

Yes, it’s been 20 months since our inception. While we’re approaching the end of twenty eleven, we’re not quite done with our film stock. In fact the year-end has its equal share of blockbusters not unlike the summer period, maybe for the temperature change. To save you time and money, we decided to pick out 20 films – yes, we’re being thematic here – you might want to pay a little attention to. Check out our selection on page 26.

Of course, the next movie to be mentioned need not go into that list, as it’s on our cover! We met up with Mr. Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, in Los Angeles for his upcoming movie, Real Steel. Before you can say Transformers, let’s get this straight – even though this film has fighting robots, it is nothing like the autobots – it’s more of a human drama between a father and son, with fighting robots. Read what he has to say about the comparisons in our exclusive interview on page 78.

In another F*** L.A exclusive, we also met up with Colin Farrell, the new vampire on the block in the remake of 1985’s Fright Night. A serious fan of the original, Farrell tells us what attracted him to the project and how he goes for the kill, on page 60.

That’s not all, folks. With Contagion opening this month, we decided to look back at 10 of our favourite movies that have to deal with notorious and sinister viruses, on page 20.

There’s also Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell tackling some serious love issues in Crazy, Stupid, Love, on page 48; Mila Kunis, our desired bosom buddy from Friends With Benefits, on page 56; Glee kid Darren Criss, on page 66; Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan and gang from the movie Love in Space, on page 88 (how auspicious); and the list goes on.

Have fun!

Royston Loh