SPL2 (杀破狼II) opens big in Hong Kong and China

Hong Kong action thriller SPL2 – A Time For Consequences was a hit with Chinese audiences as the film collected a cool RMB 67.7 million (S$14.6 million) on it’s first day in China yesterday (18 June), claiming the number one spot at the box office chart. Hong Kong also debuted to an impressive HKD1.2 million (S$207,100).


The film stars renowned Chinese martial arts actors Wu Jing 吴京 and Zhang Jin 张晋, alongside Thailand’s international action star Tony Jaa, in a gripping plot that we’re sure will feature some top class fighting among the trio. Directed by Soi Cheang, the film also stars Simon Yam and Louis Khoo.

Distributed by Shaw Organisation, SPL2 – A Time For Consequences opens on 2nd July 2015.