Simon Yam plays creepy landlord in ‘The Tenants Downstairs’

Regional film producer mm2 Entertainment Pte Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of mm2 Asia Ltd.) is partnering with renowned Taiwanese film producers Amazing Film Studio and Star Ritz Productions to present the film “The Tenants Downstairs”, adapted from Giddens Ko’s bestselling novel of the same name. Making up the core team is the Golden Trio – director Adam Tsuei, producer Angie Chai and screenwriter Giddens Ko. The film promises to be a combination of black humour, fantasy and thriller. mm2 Entertainment Pte Ltd has always been collaborating with leading regional film producers, and its last collaboration with Star Ritz was distributing the 2014 film, “Café.Waiting.Love” in Singapore and Malaysia.


Two Acclaimed Actors

In the film, Simon Yam (Best Actor, 29th Hong Kong Film Awards) plays a creepy landlord, while Lee Kang-sheng (Best Actor, 50th Taipei Golden Horse Awards) will play a homosexual tenant Guo Li. Rounding up the cast is fresh face Shao Yu-wei who plays a mysterious female tenant. The film’s teaser, which cost NT20 million to produce, has already already garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube. With two Best Actors from leading film awards, the film will be a strong contender for the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, as well as other international film festivals.


Simon Yam’s Biggest Challenge

“I’ve played serial killers and perverts, but being this landlord character is different,” said Simon Yam. “It’s more three-dimensional with multiple layers to his personality. I’m very excited about this, but my biggest challenge is speaking Mandarin.” He added that the complexity of this character could only compared to his famous roles in “PTU” and ”Night and Fog”.

No Holds Barred for Lee Kang-sheng

Lee Kang-sheng plays homosexual professor Guo Li and felt that this would be a landmark role for him. “I’ve played homosexual characters before, but the director told me to mentally prepare myself for a different experience,” said Lee. “I enjoyed the wonderful subplots in the book and I’m sure the director will bring out its black humour.”

Shao Yu-wei’s Killer Ambitions

Taiwanese actress Shao Yu-wei, better known for her cutie-pie image, is stepping out of her comfort zone to play a sinister tenant. “Playing a serial killer is a dream come true for me,” said Shao. “This character is similar to a cat – elegant, yet sadistic.”

The Giddens Ko novel is known for its shocking content; and the film’s director and cast admit that the film will adopt a similar no-holds-barred approach. The film will be released in various cuts for film festivals, domestic and international markets.

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