Sandra Ng: Fake breasts in ‘Golden Chickensss’ were a “work of art”

By Shawne Wang

“We really felt that the breasts were a work of art! laughs Ng, who was in town to promote the film on Saturday with director Matt Chow and co-star Ivana Wong. “They`re so, so very real they even painted veins and mammary glands onto them, and they had to be touched up every couple of hours.

“Once I had them on, they were so real it was as if I was actually topless, Ng remembers. “Whenever we called Matt to come into the room after they were applied, he would blush bright-red. All the men would; they had no idea where to look!

Ng reveals that Peter Chan, her husband of many years, asked her to keep the fake breasts on the day he visited her on set. He took a few photographs on his mobile phone.

“I really did think about bringing the breasts home with me on the last day of the shoot, Ng jokes. “It would have been fun for all the family!

Cameos galore

In the tradition of the biggest, brightest Chinese New Year films, Golden Chickensss boasts an astounding array of cameos from the Hong Kong movie industry`s hottest male stars: Louis Koo, Donnie Yen, Anthony Wong and Shawn Yue, among many others, all pop by. A superstar even pops up in the end credits, so gamely playing along with the farce that it made the news even before the film has screened in cinemas. (You can find out who Ng`s “secret weapon is at the end of this article!)

“Many of these actors are friends I`ve known for years we`ve worked together, and developed a good relationship over time, Ng confides. “They have probably also seen Golden Chicken 1 and 2, which play on TV all the time. They were just happy to help out.

“We gave them all a token amount the same amount for participating in the film, explains Ng. “We really didn`t have the budget [the film was made for HKD20 million or S$3.3 million] to pay them what they`d be commanding these days. But I told them to treat it like a party: to just come and play!

Coordinating the stars` schedules during the shoot was a headache for Ng, who also produced the film. The splashy finale number was shot in one long day from six in the morning to ten at night and she just told all the actors to turn up if they could.

No laughing matter

Ng, long considered one of the funniest comedy veterans in Hong Kong, is also full of praise for her young co-star.

Wong, better known as a singer, is making her film debut as one of Kam`s odder protÃ