Safe House

With all its shoot-outs, car chases and fist fights, Safe House would no doubt satisfy those with a palate for non-stop intense action. The location of Cape Town adds to the fun as we are brought from city streets to the rooftops of a shantytown to the highway and to the suburbs. Yet, the predictability of Safe House`s storyline weighs this movie down and to enjoy it all the way till the end, I was forced to focus on the action instead.

Not appreciated was also the irrelevant side plot concerning Weston`s love interest. It seems to have been created simply to add depth to Reynolds` rather flat character. Although his character does eventually undergo development, it comes a little late and Weston is a character I find hard to sympathize with. I did what I could and got back to the action. To be fair, the dialogues between Weston and Frost were well interspersed among the action scenes, setting this high-speed movie at a comfortable pace that is easy to follow.

Summary: Action seekers won`t be disappointed. But those expecting a few more plot twists will be more likely left wanting.
Rating: 3/5 Jasmine Goh

Opens 9 February 2012