Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters – Review

The film begins with a prologue depicting the origins of the protective shield around Camp Half-Blood, safe haven for demigods-in-training. When a familiar foe attacks, weakening the barrier and threatening the safety of the camp, Percy Jackson (Lerman), son of Poseidon, sets out to retrieve the fabled Golden Fleece, which will help heal the magical tree that is the source of the force-field. He is accompanied by Annabeth (Daddario), satyr friend Grover (Jackson) and his newfound Cyclopean half-brother Tyson (Smith). Together, they have to traverse the treacherous body of water of the title, more commonly known as the Bermuda Triangle. Percy`s competitive rival Clarisse (Rambin), the daughter of Ares, has also set out in search of the Fleece and must eventually team up with those she has scoffed.

The first film was an entertaining if rather derivative teenage-aimed fantasy-action flick that put several clever spins on Greek mythology, creatively integrating elements like the Lotus-eaters and the multi-headed hydra into a modern-day context. In that regard, this film is very similar, albeit a tad more lighthearted than its predecessor. It`s good to see a young adult novel adaptation that doesn`t take itself so seriously, considering how ridiculously po-faced a lot of them have gotten. It`s paced pretty well, has a straightforward “go get the macguffin! plot (with the Golden Fleece in place of Zeus` master lightning bolt) and has enough interesting visuals to hold the attention. For example, there`s a stunning, stylish stained-glass-style animated sequence which brings to mind the “Golden Army animated prologue from Hellboy II.

Taking over the reins from Harry Potter alum Chris Columbus is Thor Freudenthal, director of Hotel for Dogs and the first Diary of a Wimpy kid film, whose background is in conceptual and storyboard art. It`s a good thing that, given his rÃ