Meeting The Giant – Singapore-China film about basketball & foreign talents

Meeting The Giant is the brainchild of veteran actor Zhu Hou Ren. Inspired by a true story, producer Zhu Hou Ren has conceptualized this movie for years but met with many challenges which includes finding a reputable partner with strong presence in the China market. Hou Ren is now assured that the movie is in good hands with the involvement of Stellar Megamedia which will invest and oversee the release of the movie in China with the network of close to 70 cinemas.

Meeting The Giant also marks Singapore actor Tay Ping Hui`s directorial debut. With years of experience in acting, Ping Hui is all set for challenges behind the scene. The script for Meeting The Giant will be managed by Danny Yeo.

Meeting The Giant
is scheduled to commence filming in end July 2013. Filming will take place in Singapore before continuing in China. Search is on for new faces to undertake the roles of the budding basketball players. Apart from being an investor of the movie, Clover Films will undertake the movie distribution matters in Singapore. More information will be available soon.

To boost the standard of Singapore basketball, LONG a magnate and known figure in the basketball scene used his finances to source young talents from China to Singapore. By gathering the young basketball players from China and Singapore together and providing the relevant training, LONG hopes to reinvigorate the sport, improve the ranking of basketball in Singapore and hopefully create the next YAO MING.

Conflict brews when the China team and the Singapore talent meet. JUNHUI, born and bred in Singapore, did not see eye to eye with his “imported China team-mate CHEN HANG right from the first instance. Apart from the major height difference and vast difference in their basketball skills, there is also a stark difference in their sense of identity and belonging. Rivalry sets in within the team though the young players are set to go through a 2-year basketball training program together.

Away from home the first time, the China talents have to overcome many challenges when integrating into the Singapore, both on and off court. Will their new team mate cum local counterpart accept them readily without reservation?

Sometimes true friendship can only be fostered through hardship and painâ€