Jack Neo’s ‘Ah Boys To Men 4’ and ‘That Girl’ feature films announced at ATF

mm2 Entertainment Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Exchange- listed mm2 Asia Ltd. (“mm2 Asia”) And JTeam Productions Pte. Ltd. (“JTeam”) announced two new productions today at Asia TV Forum & Market 2015 (an event of the Singapore Media Festival).Following the overwhelming response to Jack Neo’s ‘THAT GIRL’ in the SG50 anthology ‘7 LETTERS’, mm2 Asia and JTeam have begun development work to extend the short film into a feature film. ‘THAT GIRL’ is slated for a 2017 Chinese New Year release in Singapore.

“Many viewers who watched the anthology film ‘SEVEN LETTERS’ were enamoured by Jack’s nostalgic and bittersweet segment ‘THAT GIRL’, and they wanted to see more,” said Melvin Ang, Executive Director and CEO of mm2 Asia Ltd.


“This is a story begging to be developed into a full feature, and we’re excited to go down memory lane again with Jack on a movie that builds on the magical spell cast by the original ‘THAT GIRL’.”

Jack Neo added, “In the 70s, Lin Ching-Hsia, Lin Feng-jiao, Chin Han and Charlie Chin were icons of Chiung Yao Mandarin romance movies, just like current idol dramas. Back then, we were young and experiencing our first loves, so we were all crazy over such movies. This emotional journey is a memorable one. When I was filming ‘THAT GIRL’ short film, it was a genre I had never handled before and the response was highly positive. This genre has gained popularity lately and no one has touched on the 1970s iconic romance movies yet. This is my memory lane, I think I should bring everyone back to the times (era) of my idols.”

After this year’s box office success of ‘AH BOYS TO MEN 3: FROGMEN’, production is set to begin on ‘AH BOYS TO MEN 4’ in 2017. Most of the cast from ‘AH BOYS TO MEN 3: FROGMEN’ are expected to return to duty in this new instalment.

“Following the overwhelming response to Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen, fans have been looking forward to the 4th instalment of the franchise. This instalment will focus on NSmen and we are in talks with the Ministry Of Defence on which Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) service to work with,” said Jack Neo.

“You can rest assured that the story will not be similar to the past three movies. My creative team and I have already started researching and developing the story. Our main concern is creating a strong story. To give a fresh perspective, on top of an open audition for new actors, we will also approach Taiwanese actor Darren Wang Da Lu 王 陆 (‘Our Times’ <我的少 時代>) since Taiwan has military service too. It will be an interesting angle. If Darren Wang Da Lu is not available, we will explore other Taiwanese actors.”

Melvin Ang added, “AH BOYS TO MEN 4 will be very different from earlier instalments. The success of the previous movies will give us the edge in crafting a new movie that audiences want. We are confident that this will be the most anticipated production in 2017.”

More information will be released on both movies at a later date.