Indie cinema ‘The Projector’ to welcome first patrons next month

20141029151152-golden-theatre-at-beach-road-1973Singapore has one of the highest movie-going rates in the world, but our cineplexes are dominated by blockbusters and other commercial films.

The Projector will be officially launched in January 2015 as a two-screen, alternative cinema which strives to be a “genuine alternative” to the Cineplex chains in Singapore. According to a statement on its crowd-funding page, it strives to “set out to revive that special feeling of anticipation and enjoyment of going to the movies”. Film distribution group LUNA Films will be helming the curation, and they seek to programme a diverse selection of films for those who are want more than what is offered at mainstream cinemas.


For those who can’t wait till next January, you can get ahead of the crowd to preview The Projector next month, as it is one of the five screening venues for the Singapore International Film Festival (4 to 14 December 2014).


Film lovers in Singapore have been lamenting the lack of a dedicated art house and independent cinema ever since the demise of The Picturehouse. Perhaps The Projector might fill that void nicely, but they are currently still seeking funding and financial help with the cost of their operations. If you’re interested in pitching in, visit their Indiegogo crowd-funding page.

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