Green Lantern – Blake Lively

Tell us about your character, Carol Ferris.

Carol Ferris is an incredible character, especially in this genre of film. I always grew up loving comic book films. She`s unique because she`s not the damsel in distress; she is an equal with Hal. They`re the two best fighter pilots in the world. She runs the aviation company that Hal works for. She grew up, they were best friends and they were each other`s first love; so there`s a lot of tension with the two of them and a bit of a rivalry. They`re always challenging each other and sparring and I love that relationship. In a lot of ways she has to save Hal when he`s feeling weak, because he is only human. She`s there to kick him in the butt and help see and realise his full potential. I love that, because I think that that`s much more true to real life. There aren`t heroes and the people that stand by their side, everybody is leaning on each other and helping each other. Seeing a woman full of such strength and character, she`s a fighter pilot, and I think that that`s really great that she was able to not just be the woman in the lab or the woman on the train tracks. I just loved her. I thought that she was really gutsy and unlike any character I`ve ever seen in this sort of film.

Is that what drew you to the project? Did you know about the Green Lantern before this?
No, I didn`t know about the Green Lantern before this. I realised very quickly how naÃ