Goodbye, Robin Williams

Robin Williams passed on this morning in an apparent suicide brought about by severe depression. He was 63, and is survived by his third wife Susan Schneider, and three grown children: Zachary, 31, from his first wife Valerie Velardi; and Zelda, 25, and Cody, 22, from his second wife Marsha Garces.

We may never know the inside world of Williams , but we definitely know the cinematic world of the four-time Oscar nominee who won a best supporting actor for his portrayal of a wise and morose psychologist in Good Will Hunting. And of his countless other movies that has brought joy, laughter and tears to so many of us…

Here’s a look-back at some of his movies.

1980 Popeye 1982 the world according to garp 1984 moscow on the hudson1987 Good Morning, Vietnam 1989 Dead_poets_society 1990 Awakenings1991 Hook 1991 The_Fisher_King 1992 Alladin1992 Ferngully 1992 Toys 1993 being human 1993 Mrs_Doubtfire 1995 Jumanji_poster 1996 Birdcage 1996 hamlet 1996 Jack 1997 fathers day 1997 flubber 1997 Good will Hunting 1998 Patch-Adams 1998 What dreams May Come 1999 Bicentennial-Man 1999 Jakob The liar 2002 death to smoochy 2002 Insomnia 2002 one_hour_photo 2002 robin williams live on broadway 2004 final_cut 2005 Robots 2005 the big white 2006 Happy feet 2006 man of the year 2006 Night At The Museum 2006 RV 2007 August Rush LICENSE to WED poster 2009 Old Dogs 2009 World's Greatest Dad 2013 angriest_man_in_brooklyn 2013 the-big-wedding

R. I. P.  Mr Williams.