‘Fast & Furious 7’ : Recaps, videos, 7-sec clips & THE TRAILER

Latest update 2 Nov: Check out all the videos and the trailer below!

28 Oct: Ahead of the trailer launch that will take place on 2 Nov 2014, the people behind the latest Fast And Furious franchise has announced that the title for the seventh in the series will be Furious 7. They’ve also decided to play around quite a bit with the digit ‘7’ and tease us with some a couple of re-caps, best-ofs and 7-seconders. So there will be seven 7-second-per-day glimpse of the cast selling Furious 7 in the days to come. Check back here often for the updates!

Here are the recaps and videos:

Here are the 7-second clips:

Here’s the film’s teaser poster:


Are you sevened-up, yet?

Here’s the long-awaited trailer:

Fast & Furious 7 opens in Singapore on 2 April 2015.