Eric Khoo Begins Shoot On Erotic Drama

According to Film Business Asia, the film will comprise six stories “that are set in the same hotel room over several decades, spanning the Pacific War to the present and the future”.

Filming is expected to go on for two weeks, and the movie is set to be completed by January.

Khoo is known for tackling provocative topics in his films. They often revolve around the lives of the disenfranchised, those lurking around the fringes of society. Sometimes there are scenes with lurid details. But while executive producer Jeffrey Chan describes In the Room as a “serious, high-concept erotic movie”, Khoo says the film is not intended as a cheap sordid tale, but a slice of Singaporean life.

Speaking with the newspaper Today in April, he said: “In this film, I’ll have a lot of different nationalities, with a lot of tourists coming and going. In fact, I think it’ll be a film with multiple languages, so it’s almost for me, a bite-size of Singapore, a sign of the times of what’s happened here.”

The cast will be made up of largely unknown Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean and British actors in order to more accurately reflect the diversity of Singapore.

– Raymond Tan