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#22 (Nov 2011)

Besides the two Roberts on our covers, there's a shitload of big-name actors headlining big movies in our issue this month. Some are wild by nature, some are portraying wild things and some are just wildly good looking. With half-humans of vampire

#21 (Oct 2011)

Good guys, bad guys – isn't that how we often differentiate characters onscreen? Of course, to a certain degree of fairness, there's never a black or white distinction of good or evil in real life, except for that boss of yours. But we're talkin

#20 (Sep 2011)

Welcome to issue 20! Yes, it's been 20 months since our inception. While we're approaching the end of twenty eleven, we're not quite done with our film stock. In fact the year-end has its equal share of blockbusters not unlike the summer period, m

#19 (Aug 2011)

We turn our attention to our local scene this month. I have to admit I'm quite critical of our locally produced films, so please bear with the rants first. Sure, we do not have the budget of our Hollywood or even Hong Kong counterparts, but I'm su

#18 (Jul 2011)

It may seem that there are dark times ahead. The decade-long running Harry Potter movies that many new generation cinema goers have grown up with, is ending it's run. The franchise started collecting it's first dollar from legions of the books' fa

#17 (Jun 2011)

If you had to choose, which superhero would you want to be? Or rather, which superhuman power would you like to posses? We all have our own answers. But then again, wouldn't you agree that our answer changes according to the situations we're in? T

#16 (May 2011)

It's always nice to have something to look forward to. And it's always fun to see the process too. From a mere idea, to scripting, getting a director, casting the right people, shooting, post-production, marketing to finally getting the anticipate


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