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#75 (May 2016) Captain America: Civil War

  It is a year after the destruction that ravaged Sokovia in Avengers: Age of Ultron and an international incident involving Captain America and the Avengers results in more collateral damage. This prompts politicians to establish a system of a

#74 (Apr 2016) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  Have you pretended to be a superhero? In fact, I should rephrase that to a simple ‘Who’s your favourite superhero?’, as I’m pretty sure that, at some point in our younger lives, we’ve all donned a makeshift cape! Yes, my name i

#73 (Feb 2016) 6th Anniversary Issue

  We love February! Why? Because we like you… Sorry, that’s some (really, really) old Mickey Mouse Club kids’ show closing theme that plays in my head on a cheery day when someone asks me, ‘Why?’ Or it’s even verbalised when I

#71/72 (Dec 2015 – Jan 2016)

  No matter how much we know about films, one should never boast about knowing everything – especially when it comes to Star Wars! Because there’s always another bigger geek out there... Like what they say about beautiful women, or men, o

#70 (Mid-Nov 2015)

  Why do you like watching movies? "To relax, lor!” many will say. Sure. While some may choose to laugh their hearts out with comedies; or cry their eyes out with bad romances; or scare themselves silly with jumpy horrors; or even pre

#69 (Mid-Oct 2015)

  Bonding Time! Wanna show off how much of a smart martini-drinking gentleman you are? Well, here’s some random facts and figures about James Bond, the longest-running film series in history. Of course you might already be familiar wi

#68 (Sep 2015)

  What’s your immediate impression of Peter Pan? Don’t try to be clever, or cheat! Chances are, like a scene out of Pixar’s Inside Out, those little minions working inside our heads will likely pull out a memory bubble and project an

#67 (Aug 2015)

  We guess we have all talked quite enough about Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, which will culminate in a mammoth firework display over our magnificent skyline come August 9th. So, cheers, and have an explosive evening among the stars and a cr

#66 (Jul 2015)

  So here we are, approaching our lovely country’s 50th birthday, and I’m still a little clueless as to what I should feel for our hometown. Yes, it’s mostly about the dilution of our thick Singaporean bloodline. Don’t get me wrong

#64/65 (Jun 2015)

  We really do like to look back a lot! How many times have you told yourself that the first (or the last, or whatever number you want to insert) before this was the best! Be it for movies or for matters relating to your social, or nocturn

#63 (Apr 2015)

In issue #63 of F*** Magazine, we've assembled Earth's mightiest heroes, their new friends, and the villainous Ultron into one kick-ass cover with almost 30 pages of coverage and interviews! You may like to know the film shares its title with a li

#62 (Mar 2015)

  Death is never an easy topic to talk about, and yet many are morbidly fascinated by news of the famously departed. Just last month, we bid farewell to Leonard Nimoy (live long and prosper, sir!), and we're still reeling from the loss of cin


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