Eddie Peng leads star-studded cast in action-fantasy film Wu Kong《悟空传》
The inaugural MINDS Film Festival is being held from 29 July to 6 August 2016, and the U.K. indie production My Feral Heart has been chosen as the opening film. Jointly organised by the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) and the Singapore Film Society (SFS), the festival will showcase movies centring on the theme of intellectual disability, with the aim of fostering acceptance of and understanding for this community.
Apart from a dramatic one-sheet of Iron Man 3, Marvel Studios has also unleashed a teaser clip for the movie's 90-second trailer that will air during this Sunday's Super Bowl. The short snippet sees a battered Tony Stark, a clear look at The Mandarin, a glimpse at Iron Patriot, and a quick shot Guy Pearce's villainous character.
Warner Bros. has released a new trailer of Guy Ritchie's film remake of the popular 1960s television series 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' starring Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer as a pair of unlikely American and Russian spies who are forced to work together to prevent, erm, the end of the World? Yes.
Brad Pitt dons the fatigues for Netflix’s comedy-drama War Machine
In Suicide Squad, the highly-anticipated third entry in the DC Extended Universe, a team of volatile superheroes are doing what doesn’t come naturally to any of them: saving the day. Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Enchantress, El Diablo, Slipknot and Killer Croc, wrangled by Rick Flag and his bodyguard Katana, comprise “Task Force X” – assembled by government official Amanda Waller, they are coerced into running errands for, ostensibly, the side of good.
The filmmaking team behind 2011`s film The Muppets reunites as Disney`s The Muppets â€
Here it is, 20th Century Fox has finally released the first trailer of 'Fantastic Four', which has till now been shrouded in deep mystery with nary a movie still in sight...

Winter Is Coming

F*** is on the red carpet to catch the stars of The Huntsman: Winter’s War
Check out the first image of Europacorp's 'The Transporter Legacy', starring Game of Thrones' Ed Skrein as the titular transporter.

PAN – New Trailer

Welcome to Neverland!
American comedian, actress, writer, producer and television host Joan Rivers passed away today aged 81. “She passed peacefully at 1:17 PM surrounded by family and close friends,” her daughter Melissa said in a statement. Rivers had been on life support since August 28th, having suffered a cardiac arrest during a throat surgery.

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