The result of three years of editing more than 12,000 DVDs of footage, BBC brings us a stunning documentary about the experience of our fellow earthlings from dawn to dusk on one amazing day on Earth.
Beautifully crafted and psychologically gripping - but stuck in the same cold, empty vein of Anderson’s earlier films about men behaving badly.
At any other time, "The Post" might be considered a minor entry in Steven Spielberg’s filmography. Today, right now, it’s a story that will thrill, inspire and resonate - as it rightfully should.
You’re in for a heartwarming yet dark adventure as "Breathe" inspires while giving a rude awakening to those struggling with first-world problems.
The usual entertaining action flick where Liam Neeson is at the centre of good and evil, except most of which happens on an old train with regular travellers and a cheap plot twist.
An ambitious premise with too little meat to support the characters, which is a pity considering the compelling dialogues and performances.
A French copy of Chuck & Larry that can be both very offensive and hilarious, depending on whether you dig over-the-top gags that are more of critiques of stereotypes than anything else.
A musical that will blow you away with its magical songs and brilliantly choreographed dances, it’s a simple story about accepting who we are is always better than pretending we’re more.

Wonder (2017) – Review

Apart from being touching and heartwarming, 'Wonder' weaves in adolescent friendships and family ties into a story about overcoming one’s misfortune.
Deceptively slow and a bit muddled to start, but stick with it and The Last Jedi will reward you with boldness and brilliance to think and talk about for days.
Emotional but over-the-top at times, highly successful director Jang Hoon takes us on a journey back to the 1980s during the Gwangju Uprising and tells the backstory behind the revolt’s turning point.
Intriguing, whimsical, and even heartwarming...

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