Staying true to the typical Korean rom-com formula performed by a star-studded cast, The Princess And The Matchmaker's sub-par storytelling slightly drags down the entertainment value but is still sweet and hilarious.
With a total lack of creativity for a movie title, Fast and Furious director Rob Cohen hurls everything up in the air and sure knows how to make The Hurricane Heist fun to watch.
A touching teenage romance story that resembles a Disney fairy tale more than real life - minus the good storytelling.
Stunning visuals, astounding scores, and flawless performances can’t compensate for an overly ambitious film trying to mix a love story with terrorism and oceanography.
"The Cured" is a dark and depressing zombie film about guilt and politics, presented in rather obvious metaphors that are hyper-relevant in the current times of divisive ideologies.
Overly ambitious in presenting too many perspectives, the film lacks a clear direction for both the characters and the audience, wasting a promising opening and convincing performances.
Boasting a star-studded cast, a dark and intriguing plot, and a director-actor brother duo, "Gringo" starts off with a promising set-up only to lose its steam as the film progresses, leaving a bad aftertaste.
A bizarre, complex, and provocative alien film that is more visually stunning than gory and violent as others before it, "Annihilation" explores deeper and darker themes than just our natural responses to otherness.
A well-intentioned mess that manages to be weird - and yet also not weird enough.
Stunning visual effects, flawless action choreography, and a convincing performance by Oscar winner Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft are everything "Tomb Raider" fans will love in a film adaptation and reboot.
If good ol’ badass Bruce Willis, dark humor, and some impressive gun fights are your kind of thing, "Death Wish" is right down your alley.

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