Part romance, part shipwreck survival tale, Adrift features astonishing sound and visual effects and stellar performances by two young rising stars of the Divergent and Hunger Games movie franchises.
While Toruk succeeds in being an epic spectacle, those looking for daring circus acrobatics may feel shortchanged. Then again, Toruk is a significant achievement for Cirque Du Soleil in trying to infuse a bit of drama with a coexistence-with-nature message. So, if you’re a visual and fantasy junkie, or even an environmentalist looking for an alternative Cirque experience, hop on the first flight!
A competent and watchable Solo adventure, but this incarnation of Han is unlikely to run away with your heart.
This low-budget superhero movie looks good on the outside, but is mostly hot air when it comes to its story and characters.
An entertaining and intense noir that tries a little too hard to be many things at the expense of a coherent narrative, but is winged by a few excellent performances, particularly by Oscar Nominee Margot Robbie.
So wildly funny and irreverent that you’ll forgive the film its flaws.
Some minor and understandable cultural missteps, but "Isle of Dogs" is a touching, hilarious, bold and visually stunning stop-motion animation nonetheless...
Apart from exciting car chases, elaborate gunfights, and well-choreographed fist combats, the typical Hong Kong undercover cop action flick feels underwhelming.
A tasteful coming-of-age romance drama that raises questions we seldom ask ourselves, especially those who belong to the majority of any society.
This movie will blow your mind and break your heart - and make you desperate to go back for more. Brave, brilliant and better than it has any right to be.
Shot solely on the iPhone 7 Plus, 'Unsane' is an effective psychological thriller that is both unsettling and exhilarating.
Staying true to the typical Korean rom-com formula performed by a star-studded cast, The Princess And The Matchmaker's sub-par storytelling slightly drags down the entertainment value but is still sweet and hilarious.

Aquaman (2018) – Review

Fans, no matter how few, will cheer for Arthur.

Anna And The Apocalypse (2018) – Review

'Anna And The Apocalypse' is an amazingly fun Christmasy movie to enjoy with friends just for laughs...

Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse (2018) – Review

'Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse' isn’t just the best Spider-Man movie that nobody asked for - it’s one of the best Spider-Man movies ever made, period. It’s also a top contender for best animated film of the year.

Mortal Engines (2018) – Review

Recommended? If you want to see some of the best visual effects put on screen since Lord Of The Rings, yes. But the muddled plot never quite lives up to its promise. So be warned - you might be disappointed if you’re in it for the story.

Widows (2018) – Review

There's a lot about 'Widows' that's good, and quite a bit of it that doesn't work. But it's an interesting mess that's worth a look.