Fun, silly and flawed, buoyed by the charm and chemistry of its unlikely pair of leading ladies.
Silly and generic but sufficiently entertaining, 'Mechanic: Resurrection' is as predictable as clockwork.

7 Letters – Review

A heartfelt tribute to the people and places of Singapore’s last 50 years.
Donnie Yen doing what he does best make this a fun rumble in the jungle.

The Colony – Review

It's hard to decide exactly what kind of movie The Colony is. It's not really a proper shock-and-terrify horror movie, although there are a couple of jolts and creepy elements threaded into it. There's a solid sci-fi, dystopian element to the narrative, set as it is in a world swallowed up by a new ice age. Is it about the triumph of the human spirit... or a peek into the darkness that lurks in all our souls? Confusingly, director Jeff Renfroe's movie mixes and matches all these elements - which yields a slightly muddled end product, but one that's actually pretty intriguing most of the time.

Despite the slightly ludicrous premise of a couple breaking up 99 times without calling it quits, Break Up 100 is actually quite realistic. Watch out for the celebrity cameos.
The storytelling is hampered by various practical limitations and some of the changes in this new production are unnecessary, but there's no denying that this beloved musical remains a visual and aural treat, with powerful performers leading the cast.

Pixels – Review

'Pixels' has Adam Sandler’s grubby fingerprints all over it, smearing a fun premise and some engaging visuals with crass, tasteless jokes and unlikeable characters.

The Dictator

It'd be pretty swell to be a dictator: more gold than you could spend, more camels than you could ride, more beautiful women than you could executeâ€
Bombastic and bloated, The Last Knight’s convoluted mythos and tedious action is enlivened by the joyous presence of Sir Anthony Hopkins. Audiences with the fortitude to surrender to its thunderous stupidity might get a modicum of enjoyment out of this.

The Lorax

I'm an adult, I work and delete email spam.
I don't think I'd fancy green eggs and ham.

Ok, nonsensical rhyming aside, the above couplet will clearly echo the sentiment of adult viewers accompanying their kids to watch The Lorax, a 3D CGI film that provides adequate distraction for the little 'uns, but is unlikely to entertain their caretakers.

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