Delivery Man – Review

Delivery Man doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence - everything about its publicity campaign suggests that this is yet another frat-boy comedy built around Vince Vaughn's arrested-development screen persona. This time, he isn't crashing a wedding or getting an internship at Google: he's fathering 533 kids! It sounds terrible, but actually isn't - at least in its first half, which is an interesting, emotionally powerful look at the notions of fatherhood and responsibility. It's actually a shame that the film stumbles as determinedly as it does into its uncomfortably cheerful ending.
Even the Best Actor award-winning duo of Nicholas Tse and Sean Lau can't save this film from its doom of having a potentially brilliant theme brought to waste under the debut direction of Ken Wu.
An enjoyable Korean monster film for its characters, action, and compelling CGI man-eating beast.
A period zombie film derivative of Train To Busan but featuring handsome Hanbok-clad superstars in flashy action sequences.
American teenager is transported to ancient China, saves the day, story goes just how you’d expect. Keep this gate closed.
Although not quite matching up to the brilliance of The Conjuring, this sequel still delivers with satisfying scares, a breakthrough performance by the young Wolfe and a vivid retelling of not one but two horrifying house hauntings for the price of one horror movie ticket.
"A Bad Moms Christmas" impresses with hilariously well-written dialogues delivered by a fantastic cast who flawlessly portrays six unique yet relatable mom personalities.
It’s not especially incisive and there aren’t any explosive revelations for long-time Fab Four fans to take in, but 'Eight Days a Week' is a pleasantly entertaining baby boomer time capsule.
Even the spectacular action, set pieces and fairly effective humour can’t make up for the incoherent mess of a narrative in Tsui Hark’s third instalment of the “Wuxia Sherlock Holmes” Detective Dee series.
This heartfelt tale of music makers and dreamers of dreams will put a song in your heart and a spring in your step.


   The thing about film auteurs is that stylistic vision occasionally jockeys uncomfortably with substance for predominance in their work. That's pretty much the problem with Stoker, the Hollywood debut of Park Chan-Wook, formidable director of revenge thrillers like Old Boy and Lady Vengeance.
A chintzy knockoff inept in nearly every way, 'Guardians' demonstrates that just because good superhero movies are a relatively common occurrence now, that doesn’t mean making one is easy.

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