Uninspired and misguided, 'Fist Fight' pairs its message of ‘real men seek pointless conflict’ with lacklustre humour and unsympathetic characters.

The Drop – Review

A masterful, slow-burning thriller with lots of dark humour to spare.

The Thieves – Review

Okay, so it's kinda funny that a film called The Thieves steals the superstar-cast-doing-a-heist premise from an earlier Hollywood movie (-cough- Ocean's Eleven). That doesn't mean it's not a great movie on its own terms, right? Wellâ€
Sometimes, it seems as if there are only a handful of movie plots in the whole world. Mix them up, throw in an interesting actor or two, and another cookie-cutter film emerges from the oven, fresh, piping hot and predictable. The story of a spoilt, wayward youth learning the...

Haunter – Review

Part romance, part shipwreck survival tale, Adrift features astonishing sound and visual effects and stellar performances by two young rising stars of the Divergent and Hunger Games movie franchises.
Really, sometimes the questions are more important than the answers...
Twists, cat-and-mouse games, and gripping action set pieces in this dragon tattoo sequel are the supports to Emmy Award winner Claire Foy’s spectacular performance as Lisbeth Salander.

Being Flynn

Like the characters it portrays, Being Flynn isn't an immediately likable movie. That doesn't stop it from being an effective, highly engaging one, featuring De Niro's best performance in recent memory.


Film Review
It's automatic, it's systematic, it's hydromatic and now Greased Lightning has pulled up to the Grand Theatre at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The musical Grease by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, which debuted in Chicago in 1971, has remained in the public consciousness for over 40 years. This...
Witty yet far from obnoxious, this dark family comedy-drama is assured in tone and digs into the themes of family relationships while also voicing sound opinions on the world of performance art.

Color Out of Space (2019) – Review

The Low-Down: Two years ago, fans of cult horror films received the gift of Mandy,...

Birds of Prey (2020) – Review

The Low-Down: The DC Extended Universe has had its ups and downs. While the franchise...

Underwater (2020) – Review

The Low-Down: Genre movie aficionados remember 1989 as the year of the aquatic horror movie:...

Bombshell (2019) – Review

The Low-Down: Millions of Americans turn to Fox News for political commentary and opinion every...

Bad Boys For Life (2020) – Review

The Low-Down: Miami detectives Mike Lowery (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) burst onto...