Believe us when we say this: yet again, your personal tolerance threshold for puns will be tested.
It’s lavishly staged and beautifully sung, but Miss Saigon’s deep-seated issues of racism and misogyny cannot be drowned out by the whirr of helicopter rotors.
Silly and generic but sufficiently entertaining, 'Mechanic: Resurrection' is as predictable as clockwork.
A mildly intriguing plot executed by technical genius Ridley Scott and his star studded cast, though falls slightly short in the character writing and storytelling, a shame but still a masterpiece.
Intense, effective, and chilling performances by a stellar cast centred on the South Korean drug underworld. Crime thriller buffs will love this cat-and-mouse undercover tale.

Carrie – Review

Trying to stay unspoiled for Carrie is pretty much a losing proposition. Whether or not you`ve read Stephen King`s original novel or watched Brian De Palma`s iconic 1976 movie adaptation, the gory, unsettling story of Carrie has seeped into popular culture. Everyone remembers that image of a waif-like girl Sissy Spacek, so terrifying she was Oscar-nominated for her efforts drenched in blood, hands outstretched in either a plea or a threat. Kimberly Peirce`s new take on Carrie hits many of the same notes: ChloÃ

Afterimages – Review

The anthology consists of five horror shorts, and the overarching segment, titled 'Burnt Offerings', frames the other four.

The Vow – Review

Based on a true story, this is the tale of Paige (McAdams) and Leo (Tatum), a happily-married couple who have a rather horrendous car accident. While Leo escapes unscathed, Paige ends up in a coma (always wear a seatbelt, folks!).
This 'Alien' instalment will make you scream, but as much out of frustration as in terror, its grandeur undercut by an unremarkable stable of characters and an uninspired plot.

RoboCop (2014) – Review

It`s been 27 years since Peter Weller stepped out of a police cruiser and into pop culture iconography in Paul Verhoeven`s now-classic RoboCop. A violent, biting and darkly comic piece of sci-fi action satire, the film had a lot to say about the state of late-80s America and cleverly hid all that beneath its franchise-ready action hero. The 1987 film spawned two sequels, various incarnations on TV both live-action and animated, comic book crossovers (Robocop vs. The Terminator!), video games, toys and the like, and after years in development hell, Alex Murphy returns to the big screen in this reboot from director JosÃ

Manhunt (追捕) (2017)

"Manhunt" marks John Woo’s comeback to the Asian-cop cinema but is cheap entertainment and flashy parody at best or clichéd and senseless subplots connected by sloppy writing at worst.
A French copy of Chuck & Larry that can be both very offensive and hilarious, depending on whether you dig over-the-top gags that are more of critiques of stereotypes than anything else.

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