A rousing, white-knuckle tale of the scrappy underdogs vs. big bad military forces, there’s a bit too much going on in Railroad Tigers to keep track of but it’s plenty of fun.
Sure, the leading men have chemistry, but unremarkable action sequences and jokes that are more cringe-inducing than genuinely funny ensure this won’t be front and centre in most moviegoers’ memories after they leave the theatre.

Fallen (2016) – Review

If you roll your eyes when you hear the term 'YA paranormal romance', this is the very thing you’re thinking of.
Audiences who, like this film’s directors, grew up on 80s horror flicks they were too young to watch, will lap this up. However, the ideas at play are almost as messy as the assorted gore.
There’s great warmth and authenticity in the performances here, but the initially-intriguing mystery seems to hit a dead end, with the feeling that a rich story has been suddenly truncated.
Judging from all the reboots, remakes and re-imaginings flooding the cinemas as of late, it would seem that Hollywood either thinks us moviegoers have terrible memories, or they're running low on ideas the latter seems more likely. This film is a remake of the much-beloved 1990 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, which in turn was based on a book by revered science fiction author Phillip K Dick. The book's title? We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, which the filmmakers seem intent on making into reality. To add insult to injury, the studio behind this one is named... Original Film.
You’ll leave the theatre thinking, “we should have gone deeper”. 'Inception' with demons should be a whole lot more gripping than this.
Ewan McGregor shines in his dual role, but Last Days in the Desert’s loose structure and lack of narrative drive keep its audience at a distance.

Delivery Man – Review

Delivery Man doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence - everything about its publicity campaign suggests that this is yet another frat-boy comedy built around Vince Vaughn's arrested-development screen persona. This time, he isn't crashing a wedding or getting an internship at Google: he's fathering 533 kids! It sounds terrible, but actually isn't - at least in its first half, which is an interesting, emotionally powerful look at the notions of fatherhood and responsibility. It's actually a shame that the film stumbles as determinedly as it does into its uncomfortably cheerful ending.
Even the Best Actor award-winning duo of Nicholas Tse and Sean Lau can't save this film from its doom of having a potentially brilliant theme brought to waste under the debut direction of Ken Wu.
An enjoyable Korean monster film for its characters, action, and compelling CGI man-eating beast.
A period zombie film derivative of Train To Busan but featuring handsome Hanbok-clad superstars in flashy action sequences.

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