You'd be forgiven for thinking that Miracle in Cell No. 7 was another tired take on The Green Mile. After all, both films feature mentally challenged individuals, near miraculous circumstances and flawed judicial procedures. While Miracle in Cell No. 7 doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel, it does stand as a solid, emotive drama in its own right.
It’s not that there isn’t plenty of potential in 'Temporary Family'.
Heavy-handed and often unintentionally funny, 'Miracles From Heaven' sees a solid turn from Jennifer Garner and some genuinely affecting moments get lost in the predictable, pandering shuffle.

Bad Girls

Bad chicks: what's there not to like about them? They're spunky, outspoken, sexy, and they usually pack a mean punch. When they're the subject of overly-cutesy characterisation, however, all these factors are subverted, and the result is generally disastrous. Bad Girls, the latest entry into the genre of cheesy Mandarin rom-coms, is a prime example.

Good Deeds

While we at F*** love villains, there's nothing inherently wrong about a film that honours morality. In fact, there are a laudable number of films that champion goodness: Gandhi, Star Wars, Fight Club. Ok maybe not that last one. The thing is, audiences have to feel engaged before they want to fight racism, homophobia, or the evil Sith Empire. Good Deeds makes morality feel as tedious as doing the laundry.

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