This not-quite biopic isn’t perfect, but it’s a mostly charming, occasionally brave, look at one of Singapore’s music icons.
Deeply personal, authentic, warm, heart-rending and immensely funny, 'The Big Sick' will cause fits of laughter and uncontrollable sobbing without feeling incongruous, manipulative or self-indulgent.
While not as compulsively entertaining as it could’ve been, 'Atomic Blonde' packs in plenty of style and showcases Charlize Theron in full action heroine mode.
Edgar Wright fires on all cylinders, creating a superb slice of entertainment that’s a visual and aural delight. 'Baby Driver' is also the best showcase for Ansel Elgort’s star power yet.
A war film that evokes helplessness and desperation like few before it, Dunkirk will thrill, shock and shake audiences to their core.
The Bad Batch’s peculiarity will attract some audiences but alienate others. It’s an arthouse exploitation cocktail that’s been spiked with a little something extra, and it’s very much an acquired taste.
Visually, "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" serves up bang for your buck, but no matter how dazzling the effects or how thrilling the action, you’ll have a hard time believing Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne as space-hopping super agents.
The teen target audience might be spooked but horror aficionados won’t find too much of value when they look in the cursed music box.
A sombre yet stirring and stunningly-realised adventure, 'War for the Planet of the Apes' engages the viewer on a human level and showcases everything a masterfully-made blockbuster can be.
A bog-standard historical biopic, "Churchill" features Cox giving it his best shot to play the iconic Briton, but it fails to drum up much urgency or strike an emotional chord.
Like the high-tech suit that Tony Stark creates for Peter Parker, this Spider-Man reboot is spiffy but sufficiently familiar. Homecoming is tonally assured and energetic, with Holland making for an eminently personable Spidey.
Rachel Weisz delivers an electrifying performance but the movie that surrounds her is considerably duller, too mannered and rigid to inspire passion or generate thrills.

Aquaman (2018) – Review

Fans, no matter how few, will cheer for Arthur.

Anna And The Apocalypse (2018) – Review

'Anna And The Apocalypse' is an amazingly fun Christmasy movie to enjoy with friends just for laughs...

Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse (2018) – Review

'Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse' isn’t just the best Spider-Man movie that nobody asked for - it’s one of the best Spider-Man movies ever made, period. It’s also a top contender for best animated film of the year.

Mortal Engines (2018) – Review

Recommended? If you want to see some of the best visual effects put on screen since Lord Of The Rings, yes. But the muddled plot never quite lives up to its promise. So be warned - you might be disappointed if you’re in it for the story.

Widows (2018) – Review

There's a lot about 'Widows' that's good, and quite a bit of it that doesn't work. But it's an interesting mess that's worth a look.