Despite a story that most kids might find challenging to connect to and a dearth of memorable set pieces, there’s enough amiable sweetness to Cars 3, making it a marked improvement on its immediate predecessor.
A high-spirited biopic that packs in the laughs and thrills, American Made doesn’t delve deeply enough into the political intrigue to be very substantive, but it’s an entertaining, well-made Tom Cruise vehicle all the same.
The Adventurers has charismatic leads, gorgeous European locations and strong production values, but its ho-hum caper plot and lack of distinctive action sequences keep it from being Grade A escapism.
Once Upon A Time starts off with little explanation but captivates with stunning visuals, only to leave audiences gasping for air as it rushes through a novel-length Chinese fable.
Recommended only for curious sci-fi fans, 'Kill Switch' boasts impressive production values that are in service of a muddled narrative.
"The Battleship Island" is a historical fiction film told in the perspective of several interesting characters delivered with beautiful camera work but narratively lacking.
A spare thriller with just enough jolts to keep it afloat, "47 Meters Down" is gripping in parts, but is also repetitive and even at just 85 minutes, feels too long.
It’s mostly a rehash of buddy action movie clichés and the fights and chases are nothing to write home about, but even when given middling material, Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson make some of this work.
The Dark Tower has charismatic leads and doesn’t twaddle in setting up its plot, but it comes off as generic and slight when it should be an absorbing epic.
This not-quite biopic isn’t perfect, but it’s a mostly charming, occasionally brave, look at one of Singapore’s music icons.
Deeply personal, authentic, warm, heart-rending and immensely funny, 'The Big Sick' will cause fits of laughter and uncontrollable sobbing without feeling incongruous, manipulative or self-indulgent.
While not as compulsively entertaining as it could’ve been, 'Atomic Blonde' packs in plenty of style and showcases Charlize Theron in full action heroine mode.

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