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The Host – Review

Author Stephenie Meyer has forever changed the word 'twilight' for movie buffs. The word is now shorthand for a tremendous movie franchise with sci-fi/fantasy elements that features at its heart a passionately touching love triangle (if you're a fan), or a grossly soggy romance (if you're not). No doubt both camps would be bringing their own expectations to The Host, Andrew Niccol's adaptation of Meyer's novel about a girl whose body is taken over by a parasitic alien soul. The good news? Fans will be deeply pleased by the love triangle (maybe that should be love square) in the film... and while the romance of it all can prove deeply annoying at times for non-believers, it actually doesn't detract too much from the very cool sci-fi premise upon which the film rests.

Are You Here – Review

Oddly enough, Are You Here might have worked far better as a television series.

Empire State – Review

Concrete jungle where dreaams are maadeâ€

HER – Review

A good forty-ish years ago, few imagined that a sizeable portion of the world’s population would have a personal computer on their desk at home, let alone one in their purse or pocket. And yet here we are, with cell phones that also function as cameras, day planners, maps, compasses, media players and any number of other things. There’s even an “intelligent personal system” in the form of Apple Inc.’s Siri (who is aware of the existence of this film, and is not entirely fond of its portrayal of artificial intelligence, in case you were wondering). Writer-director Spike Jonze asks the question “Could you fall in love with Siri?” Okay, that doesn’t do this justice, so read on.
For a film with so many derivatives of the word 'expect' in its title, What To Expect When You're Expecting will be exactly what you're expecting from a film about expecting...did we lose you there? Okay, put simply, the film is predictable, and quite badly so.
It’s not that there isn’t plenty of potential in 'Temporary Family'.
Hardly surprising but a shame nonetheless: this sequel sinks where its predecessor soars.
The Low-Down: While he’s had a long career in his native New Zealand, Taika Waititi has become a hot property in Hollywood over the last several years. What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople earned Waititi widespread acclaim, and he has had mainstream...

Movies don't often mix fantasy and reality - they're either flights of fancy, or gritty, dark and grave. There isn't a lot of room for overlap. Beasts Of The Southern Wild turns that notion entirely on its head. It's a movie brimming with imagination and magic, but also one that dares to take a close, hard look at loss, pain, death and change. What's even more amazing is that this ambitious, powerful enterprise rides almost entirely on the very capable shoulders of a five-year-old girl.

A top-flight cast is mostly wasted in an action thriller made with competence but without passion.
This sophomoric horror comedy panders to the lowest common denominator instead of displaying any genuine affection for or clever self-awareness of the genre.

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Till Death: the star and creators of She’s a Terrorist and I Love Her talk the dark comedy series

With its wanton swearing, sexual situations, sometimes-graphic violence and yes, depictions of terrorism, She’s a...

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