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Yossi – (Review)

As a pleasant and uncomplicated dose of locally-flavoured fun, 'Wayang Boy' is heads and shoulders above its most recent predecessors in the same vein.
'A Kind of Murder' has a glossy exterior, but fails to deliver the engaging thrills expected of a Patricia Highsmith adaptation.

Margin Call

Due to its stellar cast, technical artistry and serious engagement with the issue of financial rsponsibilty, Margin Call is likely to win both critical acclaim and a reputation as a serious-minded movie. That doesn't stop it from being one hell of a draggy film at times.
Director Genndy Tartakovsky returns with a third Hotel Transylvania movie, and as usual, it’s a delight for families who love a hilarious and heartwarming animated film to unwind.


Film Review
If anyone had been asked to bet on Lay The Favourite's chances at the box office, the film might have racked up some pretty favourable odds. After all, it features big stars like Bruce Willis and Catherine Zeta-Jones and is directed by Stephen Frears, who's turned out smart, intelligent dramas (The Queen) and edgy, fun comedies (High Fidelity). Tragically, anyone betting on the film's success would have lost pretty spectacularly: Lay The Favourite barely made US$21,000 in America and has raked in just a twentieth of its US$20 million budget internationally. That's not to say the film is terrible, however - it's just not particularly good.

Bad Moms – Review

Funny actresses are left floundering in this pointlessly crass comedy, which misses the “rude but sweet” mark by a fair bit.
If you were to take Seven Psychopaths solely at name value, you'd probably expect bloodbaths, gory eviscerating, Mexican stand-offsâ€
'The Monkey King 2' is an improvement on its predecessor and packs in a healthy amount of action, but the quality of the visual effects work is a very mixed bag and it’s still quite the mess overall.

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