While the writing in this film is hackneyed, Chris Evans’ charm buoys the film.
Destined to be venomously dissected by hardcore fans, and indifferently regarded by everyone else.
A light-hearted romp through ’50s Hollywood, 'Hail, Caesar!' is packed with loving homages but does play a little too ‘inside baseball’ for non-initiates to get into.
While Toruk succeeds in being an epic spectacle, those looking for daring circus acrobatics may feel shortchanged. Then again, Toruk is a significant achievement for Cirque Du Soleil in trying to infuse a bit of drama with a coexistence-with-nature message. So, if you’re a visual and fantasy junkie, or even an environmentalist looking for an alternative Cirque experience, hop on the first flight!
This ridiculously fantastic cast deserves better, but they make the film worth the watch.

Rubbers (套) – Review

'Rubbers' isn’t a groundbreaking local film by any regard, but it’s a great deal of fun, and no recent Singapore comedy has made me laugh as hard.
Really, sometimes the questions are more important than the answers...
Good but not great, 'Live by Night' should still manage to allay the anxious fears of fanboys anticipating a disastrous 'The Batman'.
If you’re tired of the same old haunted house movie clichés, keep out of 'The Disappointments Room'.
A good, though far from great, adaptation of this tale as old as time.
The Bad Batch’s peculiarity will attract some audiences but alienate others. It’s an arthouse exploitation cocktail that’s been spiked with a little something extra, and it’s very much an acquired taste.
Thanks to a funny, talented voice cast and eye-catching animation, 'The Secret Life of Pets' is good fun in spite of its familiar aspects.

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