Special effects shouldn’t be a main criticism for most films, but the enormous attention paid to its effects makes it impossible to brush aside.

Alone in Berlin – Review

Finely-acted but too sluggish and dour to be genuinely moving, 'Alone in Berlin' is far from the full-bodied, stirring tale it should’ve been.
The spectacle is as bombastic as ever and the laws of physics are as irrelevant as ever; the series continuing to entertain.
A bog-standard historical biopic, "Churchill" features Cox giving it his best shot to play the iconic Briton, but it fails to drum up much urgency or strike an emotional chord.
There are superbly-staged kungfu skirmishes aplenty, but it is difficult to recommend the film solely on that basis.
As prestigious as prestige pictures get, Bridge of Spies is a restrained, quiet drama anchored by Tom Hanks’ reassuring presence...

Braven (2018) – Review

Nothing spectacular but also nothing to complain about, "Braven" is a B-movie with a simple plot but A-rated casting and action choreography.
'Faeryville' does have the potential to become a cult classic, a rare quality among Singaporean films...
A touching teenage romance story that resembles a Disney fairy tale more than real life - minus the good storytelling.

Man Up – Review

...flawed and complicated, but full of love, heart and hope.
Occasionally meandering but always poignant, 'Everybody Wants Some!!' captures both the idealism and irresponsibility of youth in a narrative suffused with the zeitgeist of the 1980s.

Legend – Review

Tom Hardy’s dual role is dynamite stuff, but 'Legend' is hampered by its heightened glossiness and is ultimately too shallow to pass as a gripping biopic.

The Divine Fury (사자) (2019) – Review

The Low-Down: Director Jason Kim Joo-hwan and Park Seo-joon (Parasite 기생충) return for another collab...

The Kleptocrats (2019) – Review

The Low-Down: Featuring the perspectives of investigative journalists during the uncovering of the multi-billion dollar...

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) – Review

The Low-Down: Sometimes, you build a cinematic universe by design (hopefully). Other times, you build it...

The Lion King (2019) – Review

The Low-Down: For the past decade, Disney has dedicated an immense amount of resources to translating...

Another Child (미성년) (2019) – Review

The Low-Down: Veteran actor Kim Yoon-seok (Dark Figure Of Crime 암수살인, The Chaser 추격자) makes his...